I hear God Singing to Me, words and music by Steve Johnson and E. Sherwin Mackintosh
Choir members from the Chicago Church of Christ

The Solid Rock, Words by Edward Mote, Music by William B Bradbury
Arr by David Wesley

From the YouTube Page:
This virtual choir piece features the performances of 329 singers and 7 American Sign Language interpreters from over 50 countries, recorded individually and assembled by David Wesley into what you see and hear!

Bach: Dona nobis pacem (B minor mass)
Bachfest Malaysia

arranged for 2 sopranos, alto, tenore, bass, trumpet, kettledrums, transverse flute, oboe, bassoon, strings and Basso continuo by Gregor Meyer

Isabel Schicketanz, Sopran
Angelika Lenter, Sopran
Benjamin Glaubitz, Tenor
Stefan Kunath, Altus
Martin Schicketanz, Bass

Malaysia Bach Festival Singers
Chew Shi Yun, Sopran
Rachel Kwok, Sopran
Esther Ting, Sopran
Chan Wei En, Sopran
Chia Wee Kiat, Altus
Hong Sze Ern, Altus
Okawa Tan, Tenor
Wong Soong Hong, Tenor
Ang Tze Yu, Tenor
Caleb Woo, Bass
Bryan Sim, Bass
David Chin, Künstlerischer Leiter

Camerata Lipsiensis
Dóra Ombodi, Flöte
Xenia Löffler, Oboe
Györgyi Farkas, Fagott
Rupprecht Drees, Trompete
Daniel Schäbe, Pauke
Birgit Schnurpfeil, Violine
Yumiko Tsubaki, Violine
Caroline Kersten, Viola
Ulrike Becker, Violoncello
Tilman Schmidt, Kontrabass
Stefan Maass, Laute
Leitung: Gregor Meyer, Truhenorgel

Technische Realisation:
Tobias Finke (original); Ong Yuan Shun (final) – Audio
OnStage Application (original); David Chin (final) – Video

Friedell: Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether
Cor Jesu Choir of the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (Houston)

Lyrics: Fanny Jane Crosby (1820-1915); Music: William James Kirkpatrick (1838-1921)
He Hideth My Soul
Coimbatore Chamber Chorale

James Biery: Ubi caritas
Cor Jesu Choir of the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (Houston)

I have to force myself to go outside and walk these days. This is something I normally love doing. Thankfully I have an encourager here who does suggest I head on out, and I usually take his advice. And then yes, I think to myself, “What a Wonderful World”.

Schola Diffusa | Virtual Choir

This is sweet!

From the YouTube page:
Hope Lingers On
Music by Lissa Schneckenburger
Arranged by Andrea Ramsey

Sung by the Augustana College Summer Virtual Choir 2020
Augustana College
Rock Island, Illinois

This video was recorded by some of the
incoming first-year students at
Augustana College in Rock Island Illinois.

Before recording this project,
these students had never met or sung together.

The choir met to discuss the piece and
work on preparation in five one-hour virtual sessions.

This video is the culmination of their
hard work and dedication to choral music.

As arranger Andrea Ramsey suggests in
the introduction to the score, we find this piece
to be a heartfelt, timely, and determined call for optimism.

Here is Jennifer Higdon’s arrangement of Amazing Grace, played by members of the Minnesota Orchestra. For so many reasons it makes me rather weepy.

Sarah Grimes, violin
Hanna Landrum, violin
Sifei Cheng, viola
Anthony Ross, cello

I urge anyone who reads these posts to spend the $100 for a ticket to Live From London, hosted by VOCES8 and the VOCES 8 Foundation. Honestly. I’ve seen and heard two concerts now (having listened twice already do the VOCES8 concert) and I can say my heart was blessed by the fine music making.

TEN concerts for $100. How can you argue with that? In these Covid Times we are all yearning for live music. This comes as close as one can get for so many of us. Plus you hear my absolute favorite group, VOCES8. (They performed first, but anyone who purchases a ticket can watch the performances after they open over and over.

Live From London … a treat for the ears AND the heart!