I urge anyone who reads these posts to spend the $100 for a ticket to Live From London, hosted by VOCES8 and the VOCES 8 Foundation. Honestly. I’ve seen and heard two concerts now (having listened twice already do the VOCES8 concert) and I can say my heart was blessed by the fine music making.

TEN concerts for $100. How can you argue with that? In these Covid Times we are all yearning for live music. This comes as close as one can get for so many of us. Plus you hear my absolute favorite group, VOCES8. (They performed first, but anyone who purchases a ticket can watch the performances after they open over and over.

Live From London … a treat for the ears AND the heart!

Tomas Luis Victoria: Surrexit pastor
Ensemble Plus Ultra: Amy Wood, soprano; Martha McLorinan, mezzo soprano; David Martin, countertenor & artistic director; Guy Cutting, tenor; William Balkwill, tenor; Jimmy Holliday, bass

(Video editor – Tamarah Ackland)

Great is They Faithfulness
Vancouver Zion Mission Choir