Lobe Den Herren: Praise Ye The Lord, the Almighty (Text, Joachim Neander)
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church of New York City; Ryan Jackson, Organ

Final verse harmonization by Noel Rawshthorne and descant Ryan Jackson


  1. This is so meaningful to me, in German first but also in English. You are so faithful in sharing this beauty with us. And now I can listen right the way through without my brain intervening after a few seconds, which delights me more than I can say.

    I have been going back to listen to cherished music, reliving my musical. One of the is “Mit Staunen seiht das Wunderwerk” from Hayden’s Creation Oratorio.

    Praying for California. What grim year it has been.

  2. I’m so glad that you enjoy these, Carolyn. It takes a bit of time, but I think it might be worth it! I’m delighted that you can listen now. That is really a miracle!

    Yes, please continue to pray for California. What a sad time for us.