O Love That Will Not Let Me Go, arr. Elaine Hagenberg
Thai Youth Choir – Virtual Choir Project

Below is what I came up with when running Thai through google translate.

By Thai Youth Choir 2020 and a team of teachers
Wathayak, Teacher Rungtham Kiatsrichat
Teacher team
Teacher Sukanat Pho Srisuk Bass
Teacher Weerapong Fungsantia Bass
Teacher Jiroj Jiravanich Tenor
Teacher Pattkamon Watanapanich Alto and instrumental piano
Teacher Panipak Lueangprasert Soprano

Elaine Hagenberg: You Do Not Walk Alone
Dana Chorale & Busan Teacher’s Choirs

I enjoyed this … maybe some of you will as well.

From the YouTube page:
Padayon is a song of encouragement for one to continue or to proceed even – or, especially – when life becomes difficult. The text is meant to be a kind of gentle persuasion for one to take control of one’s circumstance. The word “Padayon”, from the Visayan language that means “to continue”, simply captures the idea behind this work. All the hardships that we have encountered must – instead of serving as hindrances – compel us to carry on and continue.

Judith Weir: Drop Down, Ye Heavens, From Above
The Choir of Trinity Church, Boston; Richard Webster, Director of Music and Organist

When SO many of us oboists are asked what string instrument we’d choose cello is the response. Well … there’s THIS …! She chose and plays it!

Premier mouvement de la sonate en trio HWV385
de Georg Friedrich Haendel
(écrite pour deux hautbois et basse continue)

Hautbois et violoncelle :
Mathilde Lebert,
hautbois solo de l’Orchestre National de France

Elizabeth Alexander: When the Song of the Angels is Stilled
Luther College Aurora; Emily Ellsworth, Conductor

Amy Beach: Peace I Leave With You
Jubilate Chamber Choir

I’m starting a new series and I hope you enjoy it! I will first attempt to post virtual choirs, but that might not always be possible.

Amy Beach: With Prayer and Supplication
Jubilate Chamber Choir