Stainer: God So Loved the World
Tenebrae; Nigel Short, Conductor

Thomas Tallis: If Ye Love Me
Tenebrae; Nigel Short, Conductor

From Arts Journal:

Sexual Abuse In El Sistema, Long Rumored, Is Now Being Brought To Light

A Facebook post in late April from an alumna of Venezuela’s famous system of free musical education “has since sparked a collective portrait of teenage girls in El Sistema being systematically groomed by older male teachers, with coercive innuendos and propositions as everyday occurrences.” Said one former student of her oboe teacher, “His methods rested on an uplifting discourse of art, passion and intellect. According to him, I had to let myself be carried away by sexual desire in order to achieve a full sound.” – The Washington Post

The stories from El Sistema get even worse: some female students have been impregnated by conductors or teachers.

But it’s not just El Sistema …

I’ve never had an abusive oboe instructor. I’m grateful. All have been respectful and kind. But others have, and things I have read are horrifying. Students need to be careful. Parents need to watch over their kids. And teachers who are abusive need to be reported, need to be fired, and, in my opinion, arrested.

But it seems not all are.

So this is just a reminder that there is abuse in the music teaching business. Stay safe!

A friend, Bob Hubbard, shared this with me earlier today. And … just WOW.

Please watch and listen. Titus Underwood is the Principal Oboe of the Nashville Symphony … and he is amazing!

William Byrd: Ave Verum Corpus
The King’s Singers

Févin: Nesciens mater
The Gesualdo Six

18. June 2021 · 2 comments · Categories: Teaching

I’m excited! Next week I will begin teaching students in my home studio again. The last time I did that was in March 2020. What a long time it’s been. I will continue to teach via Zoom for students who are unable to get vaccinated, but in person lessons are SO much better. I have a feeling I’ll be doing some instrument adjustments at these first lessons, and I’m certain I’ll be doing reed adjustments as well.

So here we go … time to get back to the way lessons are meant to be!

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Love Divine words by Charles Wesley, Music by Howard Goodall
National Methodist Choir GB; Matt Beckingham, Director

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Peter Anglea: Jubilate Deo
Collegiate Chorale of Wright State University; Dr. Hank Dahlman, Director

11. June 2021 · 2 comments · Categories: Teaching

So many of my students are now vaccinated, and are two weeks or less closer to being able to come back into the studio. I’m so delighted to start scheduling in-person lessons. I’m still quite willing to teach online lessons, which have been a wonderful thing for the past fourteen months, and will continue to teach any students who are more comfortable doing Zoom lessons — some just because they don’t feel safe due to Covid-19 (some are unable to get vaccinated and even while I am fully vaccinated they simply aren’t comfortable here), and others who are far enough away they prefer Zoom. But to SEE students, to HEAR them live and in person, and to (finally!) get to WORK on their instruments and reeds will be absolutely fabulous.

At this point it looks like I’ll begin to teach them here in my studio beginning the week of June 20, and I will continue to teach Wednesday through Saturday.

I can’t wait!