I write poetry. Mostly I write very goofy or very bad poetry. Sometimes it’s about music. Sometimes not. Some of this is about my faith. But I write it, like it or not, and so I’ll put up things I deem just good — or so darn bad they’re good — enough to share!

I beg your forgiveness in advance!

In the past a number of hits to my other (nearly dead) blog have come from people who are searching for “poems of apology”. They land on my site because of one silly apology poem I wrote to my poetry group for not writing poems! I felt bad disappointing those poor people who needed a serious apology poem! Well, sort of.

Anyway, here’s one poem that maybe comes close to what some may want:


My sarcasm bites.
(Does she know I’m only joking?)
I see hurt in her eyes.
I really was just hoping
She would see
That all the cuts,
All the gibes,
Are merely due
To insecurity.

And maybe I’ll write a better one later.

In the mean time, if you want some more light-hearted apology poems give these a go:

Lie #1

I’m sorry that I lied to you
It wasn’t very nice to do.
But still it was creative
So let it go, and please forgive.

Lie #2

I’m very sorry that I lied
But just be glad that no one died.

Lie #3

The lying that I did was wrong
I should be honest all day long.
Of course I spoke the lie at night
I guess that makes the lie all right!

I also play around with musical tunes and other famous tunes you might recognize. I’m just starting a page of Poems to Tunes You Know. I don’t have much there … I can’t find all my poems. (They’re probably in whatever book I was playing out of.)

Please, if you use any of these above, or the poems you find below, I appreciate being asked. As amateur as these poems are, they are my work and are still under copyright. Thanks!

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