A slightly different version of the fifth symphony … I love this!

The group is Carmel Acappella. I’d heard them before, but I sure don’t remember this. I’m hoping it’s just that I hadn’t landed on this and not that my memory is that bad.

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Maybe it’s because I won’t be playing a single performance this year. Maybe it’s just because these guys are good and sometime crack me up. Maybe it’s because the video production is wacky.

Maybe it’s just because I am wacky!


Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy – Pentatonix

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I love this … take a popular tune, translate to Latin, and go back a few years …

Here’s the YouTube info:
For years now, “Mia” is a very popular song in Belgium. The song was originally created and performed by Luc De Vos and his band Gorki. Last year, a teacher translated the original Dutch lyrics into Latin and the Capilla Flamenca converted the well known melody to a polyphonic song. Since “Mia” does not exist in ancient Latin, the new name of the song became “Rosa”.

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Just because …

The Byrd Ensemble sings Rore – Descendi in hortum meum

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(Sung by Julien Neel)

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Local Vocal, a Danish group, sings Raindrops

(I just didn’t want to wait until next Tuesday. I’m impatient that way.)

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Extra, extra … yep … a double ACappellaTuesday™ day!

Singers are Pete Avendano (from Italy), Julien Neel (from France), Enrico Imbalzano (Philippines)

… I don’t have a clue what they lyrics are! I do know this is about Petter Northug, a Norwegian medal winning cross country skier. Maybe someone will fill me in?