John August Pamintuan: Nativitas
SYC Ensemble Singers; guest conductor Jonathan Velasco

Of the Father’s heart begotten, ere the world from chaos rose,
He is Alpha, from that Fountain all that is and hath been flows;
He is Omega, of all things yet to come the mystic Close.

By his Word was all created; He commands and lo! ’tis done;
Earth and sky boundless ocean, universe of Three in One,
All that sees the moon’s soft radiance, all that breathes beneath the sun.

O how blest that wondrous birthday, when the Maid the curse retrieved,
Brought to birth mankind’s salvation, by the Holy Ghost conceived;
And the sacred Babe, Redeemer of the world, her arms receive.

Sing, ye heights of heaven, His praises; angels and archangels sing! ?

Gaudete, from Piae Cantiones, arr. Ross W. Duffin
Quire Cleveland

Peter Cornelius: Drei Könige
Chor Leoni; Diane Loomer, C.M., Artistic Director; Steve Maddock, baritone soloist.

The arrangement is by Robert Sund and is published by Gerhmans Musikförlag.

Three kings are traveling from the East;
a small star leads them to Jordan.
In Judea they ask and search, these three,
where the new-born king is.
They wish to bring incense, myrrh and gold
as an offering to the child.

And the light of the star shines brightly:
the kings go into the stall;
gazing with wonder at the child,
the kings bow low in worship.
They bring incense, myrrh and gold
as an offering to the sweet baby boy.

O Sons of Man! keep faith!
The kings are journeying – travel with them!
The star of love, the star of grace
shine on your goal as you seek the Lord,
and if you lack incense, myrrh and gold,
give instead your heart to that sweet baby boy!

Holst: In the Bleak Midwinter, arr Abbie Betinis
The Singers; Matthew Culloton, Conductor; Sarah Frederickson, soprano; Lynette Johnson, alto;
Min Kim, Harp

I think it’s time to move to some different music … so here’s a compilation by Chanticleer. I’m fond of each of these songs, but Star of Wonder is one of my absolute favorites.

Star of Wonder (Terre Roche) /We Three Kings (John Henry Hopkins, Jr.) /No Small Wonder Medley (Paul Edwards)

Nicholas White: O Magnum Mysterium
UST Singers

Giovanni Gabrieli: O Magnum Mysterium
Kamerkoor Dualis

Daniel Elder: O Magnum Mysterium
The Simon Carrington Chamber Singers; Simon Carrington, Conductor

Poulenc: O Magnum Mysterium
Vox Caelestis Vegyeskar

Javier Busto: O Magnum Mysterium
Coralia University of Puetro Rico; Carmen Acevedo Lucio, Director