Oboe players ONLY please: Do you have murse (man-purse)?

Um … okay then …

Okay … this was sort of cute:

Can I use an Oboe reed before taking up Oboe?
I’m thinking of taking up Oboe. I know it’s a difficult instrument to start and I might not find a teacher and i wont buy an Oboe just yet. So is it alright if I try to get a feel of playing the instrument by just blowing the reed?

Chromatic Scale???!!! (Oboe)?
I really need help on my chromatic scale quick (I have a test in less than a week and i can’t even play it!!) How do I play my sharps and, I only know some of my flats, same as my naturals. So how do you blow differently for sharps, flats, and naturals?? Are the flats and naturals different fingerings? because some of my notes are like that, but my sharps and naturals are just the same fingering. Im sorry if this is such stupid question. And can you give me tips on playing the higher octaves?? I find my high A and high B flat immensely hard to play.
So here are my questions if that was confusing :

1. what are the differences between sharps, flats, and naturals?
2. how can i play them differently?
3. tips on my higher octave????

I realize we can all laugh at this, but what I want to ask first is who is teaching this oboist?! Sigh.

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Asked online:

Q: How do you play Star Wars on oboe?

A: The piece is in “Team Woodwind” for Oboe but the notes are a follows on paper:


Q: How do you play bad romance on the oboe?

A: With your mouth and fingers

and then there’s the old “Which is easier?” question:

Q: Is it harder to play the oboe or the bassoon?

A: probly oboes but it depends on you, oboeist tend to need thin fingers unlike bassoonists who need larger hands to reach keys. Bassoons also have a wider reed which is easier to work with

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Should I play oboe or bassoon? I know most people would answer with bassoon but I heard that oboists get paid more. ugh i just don’t know!!!?

Update : usually in music the bassoon part will be more fun than the oboe part. also I hear that playing the oboe can give you a brain aneurysm. Please help me decide. and don’t give me the “Its up to you” or “go with your heart”.

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Should my chin bunch in or point out when i play oboe?

I like a flat chin, myself. “Bunchy chin” or, as one book described it, “Cabbage patch doll”, doesn’t work for me.

That being said, I’ve seen plenty of bunchy chins and hear wonderful playing by those musicians.

Your thoughts?

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Teaching oboe lessons?
Teaching oboe lessons this year I’ve been playing for 4 years and my student has been playing for 1. How do I get started? What do I do the first lesson. Thanks

It’s a battle, I tell ya!

I’m a high school student about to turn 16, and my parents are giving me the option of buying a car or an English horn (a musical instrument related to the oboe, for those that don’t know); they both cost about the same amount. I’m a serious oboist/musician and I plan to continue my music studies in college in a double major of music performance and something in the medical field. I would obviously like to have both, but that’s be not an option haha. Any guidance would be appreciated

Hmmm. No mention of chocolate, though. That’s a pity. ;-)

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What oboe reeds break the least?

… and the answer:

Those that have been soaked in water for about two hours before playing, the soaking can be adjusted depending on wether the water is hard or soft but stand corrected on this.

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Asked online:

What is the difference between an oboe and a clarinet note wise?

Okay, maybe it’s just me. I just thought this was funny.

Dan used to laugh when our weather person said “weather wise” all the time. So now it’s my turn to laugh. And, believe me, I can use some laughter now and then.