In our troubled world, (I continue to be shocked by news: you’d think I’d be used to it by now) with so much strife, I think a little Bach would be nice … don’t you?

From the YouTube page:

From the protestant church Trogen in Switzerland
Choir and Orchestra of the J. S. Bach Foundation Rudolf Lutz – conductor & harpsichord Soloists Noëmi Sohn-Nad – soprano Claude Eichenberger – alto Hans Jörg Mammel – tenor Peter Harvey – bass

Johann Sebastian Bach – Cantata BWV 111 “Was mein Gott will, das g’scheh allzeit” (What my God wants, may it always happen)
0:48 Chorus: Was mein Gott will, das g’scheh allzeit
5:31 Aria (bass): Entsetze dich, mein Herze, nicht
8:24 Recitative (alto): O Törichter! der sich von Gott entzieht
9:25 Aria (alto, tenor): So geh ich mit beherzten Schritten
15:49 Recitative (soprano): Drum wenn der Tod zuletzt den Geist
17:09 Chorale: Noch eins, Herr, will ich bitten dich

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This is one of my most favorite moments in the Bach St. Matthew Passion … something about that first entrance by the chorus just shocks me every time.

So ist mein Jesus nun gefangen

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From the YouTube page (with some translation issues**, as his first name is actually Vyatkin and I don’t know what “A body Sidelnikov” means but I’m betting someone out there can help me!):
I.S.Bah- “Adagio” from the Easter Oratorio
In Vyatkin oboe.
A body Sidelnikov

** Just realized Chrome was translating the page for me automatically, which explains the problems with the translation! Oops!

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I know that Timothy Gocklin is the oboist, but no other names are provided.

From the YouTube page: This performance took place on February 8, 2015 in Morse Recital Hall at the Yale School of Music.

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I was listening to our local classical music station and they played an arrangement of Bach’s Goldberg Variations for oboe, English horn, Violin and cello by the Aulos Quartet. Unfortunately I can’t find that to share, but instead I share this wind arrangement.

J.S.Bach: Goldberg Variations, arr. for oboe, clarinet, basset horn and bassoon

First performance of a new arrangement of Bach’s Goldberg Variations.
Trio Arundo: Jan Sou?ek – oboe, Jan Mach – clarinet, Václav Vonášek – bassoon

… I don’t know their ages, but these younger musicians do quite a fine job!

Polish Nationwide Music Schools’ Symphonic Orchestras Competition.
Winners Concert. Concert Studio of Polish National Radio
Jury Award
Symphony Orchestra of the Stanis?aw Moniuszko Music School in Bielsko-Bia?a, Poland
Alicja Matuszczyk – oboe,
Julia Iskrzycka – violin,
Andrzej Kucyba?a – conductor,

When I was younger I simply couldn’t stand the sound of Baroque instruments. It puzzles me now, as I really love them. I wonder if it’s just that I was so busy trying to refine my (modern) sound I couldn’t deal with other sounds. That might be it, since I was also SO harsh about any sort of tone other than the American sound.

These days I just love it all, as long as it’s musical and in tune. Variety … it’s not a bad thing.

This video was a fun listen. The d’amore player is Emmanuel Laporte, in case you are wondering. The group might be the Ricercar Consort, since I do see Philippe Pierlot playing.

If life were longer and time weren’t an issue I would so love to learn Baroque oboe … or maybe the Baroque d’amore, as it is quite lovely!

You’ll hear some speedy tempi here …

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Rather unbelievable, really!

En studio avec Iiria & Narcis from Simon Guyomard | Spoon on Vimeo.

En studio avec Iiria & Narcis
from Simon Guyomard | Spoon PLUS 4 years ago
Goldberg Variations – Var10

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If so, this is well worth your time. At least I think so.

From the YouTube page:
Johann Sebastian Bach.
Nathalie Stutzmann, Orfeo 55.
Une cantate imaginaire / An imaginary cantata
Festival d’Ambronay, 6 october 2012.

Sinfonia extraite de la Cantate BWV 42
“Getrost!” extrait de la Cantate BWV 133
“Wie furchtsam wankten meine Schritte” extrait de la Cantate BWV 33
Sinfonia extraite de la Cantate BWV 174
Sinfonia extraite de la Cantate BWV 4
“Stirb in mir, Welt und alle deine liebe” extrait de la Cantate BWV 169
“Ebarme dich” extrait de la Passion St Matthieu BWV 244
Sinfonia extraite de la Cantate BWV 21
“Nichts kann mich erretten” extrait de la Cantate BWV 74