23. February 2008 · Comments Off on Blogger Points · Categories: Blogger Points, Ramble

I think I will start a new category. When a blogger writes something that makes this oboist happy, I will award blogger points. (Although I think a better word should be discovered. Blogpoints? Bloints? Plogoints? Gee … nothing is working! A little help here …??)

I just found a blog entry that wins double points for these:

I must say that Francois’ playing makes you rethink the oboe. I now want oboes everywhere. Oboes for everyone is my new, albeit odd, motto.

Go to a classical concert. It’s good for the soul. Trust me on this. We rarely listen anymore – to anything. Give yourself the opportunity to really listen and to listen to something beautiful. Discover where your mind takes you and report back.

So yay for Becky, whoever you are!