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Okay, okay, you are all probably thinking, “Um. You’re always boring!” Just don’t tell me, please! … but since I’m even MORE boring, I hope you might consider checking out the links on the right side of this page. I just posted a new oboe blog: Born Again Oboe!, about the adventures of an oboist who took a 10 year leave and is back to oboing. (I think he should probably make a few hundred reeds to get back in practice and send me maybe 100 of those. Doesn’t that sound reasonable?) There was a bassoon blog I would have put up but since the blog’s title includes the F-bomb I felt it unwise to do so. Ah well. I’ll just visit in on my own and if I see anything of great interest I’ll alert you to it.

I’m looking forward to reading more from this new blog, Beyond Words. To begin, here’s this:

This blog aims to guide the way to a deeper understanding of this venerable tradition. I hope to be a guide to the myriad opportunities in Chicago to hear free, amateur or professional concerts of a Classical and post-Classical variety–for both novices and initiates alike.

It’s a long journey, so let’s get started with a piece that requires no introduction, “Short Ride in a Fast Machine”. It was composed by John Adams, an American composer living near San Francisco. Much more about him to come.

Here in San Jose I’ve not done one single John Adams work. Sort of sad, if you ask me, as he’s not only well respected, but pretty local. Hmmm. Maybe next season?

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… and trying to figure all this stuff out here.

First of all, I’m not sure I want the front page to be quite so busy; I wonder if links and all should be elsewhere. Of course I’m not sure how to put them anywhere else!

I’d also like the links that are currently at the right sidebar here to be in a different order. Reed blogs should most definitely be at the top, yes? I want them all to be in a different order, but I haven’t a clue how to do that!

I like those sites that have the “tag cloud” showing. Do I want one? Hmmm. Still not sure!

I’ve been adding “pages” which will include all those things I had at the old site: audition repertoire lists, names and more names of of double reed musicians (and where they play or teach), old MQODs, and more. I want to put these pages somewhere … but do THOSE links have to be on the front page? What about putting some on the front and some just linked to those? How the heck do I do that?!

So many questions … sigh …

I’m still not sure I like the look of the page. I might need to look at other themes. We’ll see. Maybe I like the pattyo better. Hmmm.

At my old site I could just put in three dashes like this: — and the magic genie in my computer knew to put in a separating line. It was so easy. But that doesn’t work now. How do I get a line in like that?