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“That was the best of all the shows you’ve ever dragged me to,” said my daughter.

I read the above here, in a very positive blog review of Anna Karenina. So much fun to see such enthusiasm from this opera novice!

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Vivaldi, Bach, baroque music in general puts me in a very calm, but still alert place. And it’s truly classical, not just orchestral.

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I have no idea what instrument this is (some sort of traditional English horn?), but it’s definitely meant to poke fun at Hagrid in his out-of-character role. Williams continues to display his virtuosity at adapting a new theme over and over in many new contexts.12. Monster Books and Boggarts!

(Is there a non-traditional English horn?)

I do believe the writer is hearing an English horn. I played music from Harry Potter and there’s a very fun English horn lick. I remember Hagrid’s name in the title.

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When Berlioz and Franck used the English Horn in their symphonies, the critics said it was vulgar because Haydn and Beethoven did not use an English Horn in their symphonies.

(I had never heard this before. Can anyone verify it for me?)

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What’s funny is they say that the oboe is a hard instrument to play – I picked it up and could play a note on it just fine (I had ZERO problems with the double reed), however I could not for the life of me get anything to come out of the clarinet or saxaphone with that single reed – my mouth and lips were just naturally better suited for the double reed instruments! I also couldn’t get a noise to come out of the flute either as I just couldn’t get the air to blow across the mouthpiece.

I can nearly relate. I did begin on flute, and I could play it enough to play American Patrol (the final band piece I remember playing!), but nothing “fit” like an oboe.

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Let me out myself once more: I like live music, played by warm bodies, for warm bodies, in real rooms. I prefer live performances of music made for live performance to recordings. I like the spontaneity and variation a live performance necessarily brings to a work and I like the way the music dissipates in a real room or out-of-doors space, as the sound waves are absorbed and reflected into both air, architecture, ear, and memory. A live performance of music is a unique event in time, space, audition and memory for which there is no adequate substitute.


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“Oh my gosh! Why are there wood chips in front of our couch?! It looks like a hamster lives in front of our couch!!”

Read here.

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Love it!:

Speaking of music–tip for the day:
It is impossible to play the oboe well after sprinting up ten flights of auditorium stairs, through the lobby of a fine arts center, and to the back of the parking lot, even if you’ve had five minutes to drive and relax on the way to the next performance. Probably something to do with breath support. It’s a better idea not to double schedule concerts. Just don’t do that. Also, I recommend not assembling the oboe in the car while sitting at a stop light, because then you have to make certain it doesn’t roll off your lap while driving. Very unsafe. Don’t do that either.

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I am going to hopefully major in Woodwind Performance, with an emphasis in oboe and English horn- provided I can rent an English horn

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I plan on selling and making more oboe reeds by the middle of this year!!! I am not sure how it will work, but it should work out once I have worked on my techniques….