Eric Whitacre is one of the names that I started to hear when Kelsey, our daughter, was in high school. She was singing in the choir, and if I’m remembering correctly they did something of his … maybe he was even there at some point? (Kelsey, what IS the story?) I think they were doing some of his music from Paradise Lost and I seem to recall it may have involved an expensive trip somewhere. Then again, I could have dreamed that up. Yes, I really do that!

But Eric Whitacre put together a virtual choir, having singers send in their video and then piecing it all together. He even awarded some of them their own solos. I find it very clever.

Lux Aurumque:

Maybe he’ll write something for a double reed choir and reeders here can “meet” on YouTube.

Hey … it could happen! :-)


“How We Did It”