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… but I don’t play clarinet.

Or. Um. Not. 😉

The New York Philharmonic took a step closer to filling a key position this weekend, offering its vacant principal clarinet job to Ricardo Morales, who holds the post at the Philadelphia Orchestra.


Yeah … but can he make a double reed. Huh? HUH?!

I love the (and I can’t guarantee I got this word-for-word correctly: “You always try for the best for the next time. You always try to make sure that the next time you play it is better. And hopefully it will be.” … that’s SO true. No matter how good it is, we are always thinking about “how can I make it even better?” Or at least I am.

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More from Trio D’Anches De Cologne

Trio D’Anches De Cologne

Curious how we do, pitted against the clarinet? Check it out.

Now tell me … do you recognize all the oboists mentioned there? (I don’t.)

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I know I whine about my ear woes. I should stop. Now.

If you met Samuel Boutris, you would not assume he is a musician.

He was born without a left ear and has a slight misalignment of the jaw.

But this Fort Worth 19-year-old recently gained acceptance to the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music, a top conservatory in Philadelphia where he will continue his clarinet education.

For Boutris, who has played clarinet since sixth grade, acceptance into Curtis came on his third audition.

“It’s great,” he said. “I was close but never got there. Now I have.”

The road to Curtis has not been easy.

Boutris has suffered the effects of Goldenhar syndrome, a congenital defect that usually involves deformities of the face.

“I don’t really let it bother me,” Boutris said. “It is just who I am.”

For many with Goldenhar, the consequences are merely cosmetic, but for a musician, missing an ear poses obvious challenges.

“When I was learning, I could not actually hear if I was off-pitch. My teacher would intentionally play off (key) and I had to feel it,” Boutris said.


From 2008:

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Stanley Drucker was still a teenager when he joined the New York Philharmonic as a clarinetist in 1948. More than 10,000 concerts later, Drucker is now the longest serving member in the renowned symphony’s 167-year history. Named Principal Clarinet by conductor Leonard Bernstein in 1960, Drucker holds the Guinness World Record for the longest career of any clarinetist. On July 31, Drucker, now 80, will make his final appearance with the Philharmonic in Vail, Colo. He spoke with TIME about his career, the future of classical music and the performances he’ll always remember.

How amazing is this? That is one LONG tenure! RTWT

Now it is true that my professional career began when I was 18. But I’m no New York Philharmonic musician. Not even close. Handling that sort of pressure, and the amount of playing, for sixty years is beyond my comprehension!

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Probably something Robertson Davies would not call “sweeter”. (See MQOD below this entry) Ya think?

Chris Howard, Clarinet
Liz Jackson, Flute
Carla Parodi, Oboe
Stevi Rehncy, Bassoon