Check out this cartoon. (Many thanks to Stephen Ruppenthal for alerting me to it!)

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There’s no way to put it up here in any legal way that I can see, so you’ll just have to click on this link.

I love the “no middle ground” … 🙂

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Okay … check out this one. Or this one. Or this.

Oboe does seem to make it into comics now and then. Do people think we are … well … comical? 😎

Portland Opera invited comic artists (those who draw comics, not those who act funny … at least I think that’s what it meant!) to Pagliacci. You can see some of their work here.

Alex Klein, for one.

No, he’s not coming here. My blogging isn’t as clever or witty as Esther Wheaton’s. But Mr. Klein wound up at her university to give a masterclass. Pretty cool, eh?

Now my little (very little) brain is thinking, “Hmmm. Wonder what blogging might bring me?”

Shall I blog about needing the master bedroom painted? Or maybe the garage being cleaned. Or perhaps about the yard work that desperately needs to be done?

Somehow I don’t think those will get me anywhere, though.

Still … anyone out there dying to come over to my place to work.

Yes. Deafening silence. I understand.

Such an unconventional piece might have met with some opposition among strict opera-goers, but when he introduced TMCM to an Opera America conference in Seattle two years ago, he noted that the reception was “unpretentious. That’s what shocked me, ’cause you just think about opera as being so stodgy…and then these people were so welcoming.”

I always have two reactions to comments about opera or classical folk being stodgy, snobbish, or elite. First I sigh. Then I kind of laugh.

I do wonder how this all started. But oh well. We are just folks. Really. 😉

The quote above is from an article about a new opera. It’s called Too Much Coffee Man. Which makes me smile. Is it about too much coffee? Or is there someone called “coffee man”? I read that it’s from a comic. I rarely read comics.

I’m snobby that way. 😉

Okay … I lie … I do check out this on occasion:
Oboehemia (I don’t quite understand how this site works; I think you have to look around for the comics, as they aren’t all on the front page)

Speaking of opera…
Is this another April Fool’s joke? I hope so! But there’s a report of an Anna Nicole Smith opera. Due to her “tragic” story.

No. Comment.

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Cooper has asked if I saw the comic about me.

Indeed, I did. I guess I forgot to blog about that! 🙂

I’ve been married to my husband since January 3 of 1976. Yes. Really. When we met he was a student, and played trombone in the band. My first good glimpse of Dan was during recital hour, when he gave a talk about synthesizers. Don’t ask me what he said, but I nudged my friend next to me and said, “He’s a fox!” She looked at me curiously (I guess long hair and a headband didn’t appeal to HER). Some weeks later, when we were all in band (yes, I played in band!) I nudged the other oboist and said, “See that guy up there? I’m gonna get him.” He thought I was joking. I thought it was a pipe dream. But, well, something worked. 🙂

But oh no!!

But now I’ve seen this comic and it appears we should just be friends. Oh dear.

Dan?? Is it curtains? Say it ain’t so Joe Dan!

And Bill Nye? A romantic possibility? Um. I doubt it greatly. Although I guess he likes a hot book now and then, I don’t think he is relationship material.

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So someone blogs about Alex Klein and “The Commercial”. She puts up a few comics too. She then corresponds with him. Eventually he comes to her school to give a masterclass.

Too cool, huh?

No, this isn’t about me. But still it’s cool. Read about it here.

It makes me wonder though: who should I be blogging about? Who could I get to come to my place. Huh? Huh? 😉

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Thanks to Steve Hicken of listen I have this comic to share. Read the board carefully. 🙂