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This is the first sentence of a New York Times article:

It took some convincing to get Galen Lemmon to play with the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music’s orchestra.

I’ve known Galen since the 70s. We were both in the San Jose State University music department. We both played in San Jose Symphony and now are in Symphony Silicon Valley. Heck, I attended his wedding. And he’s just an all around nice guy.

Now he gets the lead sentence in an article in the New York Times

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Thanks to Dial “M” for Musicology for sharing it.

I’m impressed! How to play the lap guitar. (When I tried the link directly it wouldn’t work for me. If you have trouble, go here and just enter “lap guitar” and you’ll get there.

I don’t think lap oboe would be possible. Maybe someone can figure out reedless oboe, though.

Or not.

(I do find it humorous that the site implies that something can be visually explained in 5 minutes. Let’s see … reed making? Oboe playing? I dunno ’bout that!)