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I’m not one to post much about dance: I usually just don’t “get” it. I struggle especially with the traditional story dance or to thing. But THIS?! I am just loving it. I’m about 25 minutes in as I post this …

It does help that I love Arvo Pärt’s music. But the dancers … my goodness! And the human body is an amazing and beautiful thing.

Nearly as beautiful and amazing as an oboe. 😉

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Mozart Oboe Quartet K. 370, Movement II Adagio;
dancer Ernest “Eknock” Phillips and oboist Courtney Miller

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If you know me, you know I’m not really a dance person most of the time. But this? Made me laugh. So on to the blog it goes.

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I had posted a dying swan video a while back, but now Yo-Yo Ma and “Young Buck” (new name to me, but what do I know) present a version.

I’m going to guess this one will get a whole lot more attention, what with the names Yo-Yo Ma, Young Buck and Spike Jonze attached to it! I wonder if the other guy’s video is what gave other dancers this idea.

Thanks to Anne Lapp Krabill for bringing this to my attention!

I first “discovered” this video via Maria Kochetkova’s blog. If you want to skip the chatting before it begins scroll in to 1:45. Who knew that Saint Saëns’ work would work with this style of dance … but it works for me!

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Since I’m in the dance mode this week with Giselle:

She sounds like one of the singing chipmunks. At least to my ear.

And shoot, these guys use FANS:

Of course then there are the humans who wanna be robots:

Just because it’s fun … although after watching a few times my hands kind of hurt a bit …

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And doesn’t he do that to just about everyone? I mean, really now … you hear The Well-Tempered Clavier and odds are, you’ll be break dancing in no time.

You can see more here. (But don’t blame me if you start doing toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes/suicides.)

For the project, Flying Steps teamed up with German director Christoph Hagel, who is no stranger to giving classical music a modern makeover having previously staged Mozart operas in a power station and in a metro station.

“My job was to explain the music, to make the dancers understand how artful and refined Bach composed his music. But I stayed out of the choreography,” he said.

The result was a new experience, and Hagel says he was amazed by how well breakdance lends itself to Bach, better than classical ballet, for example. He also thinks traditionalists could learn a thing or two from the group.

“Flying Steps have such an unpretentious way of listening to and interpreting music … I am amazed by their energy and directness — it’s not something I know from the high-minded world of high culture,” Hagel said.

“We want to show that Bach is high-energy music and that hip-hop can be great art.”


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So often dance seems to rely on music. Duh. But it’s interesting to see this one video that uses no music at all …

… and I think a lot of women can relate to the “huge day” thing. I also have “ugly days” and “pretty days” and it is fully in my head, I’m sure, but if we feel a certain way I do believe we also come across that way to others. Thus, I’m working on the “perfect oboe reed day”. 🙂

But, as I said, most dance does use music. I just landed on the video below because I was checking out a new friend’s blog and website. (Hi Darin … hope you don’t mind me being as presumptuous as I am by calling you “friend”!) We “met” on twitter and the met live at the Ravel Symphony Silicon Valley concert. Here is his music with the above choreographer’s work:

Cool, huh? 🙂