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Four-mallet technique has officially surpassed oboe on the “painful to learn” scale of musical instruments….

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[name here] got an awesome present from her Grandma Jean this evening. She wanted to play the oboe in band, but we could not afford one so she ended up playing clarinet. My mom and dad brought over a beautiful oboe from Music Go Round for her and it sounds amazing. One evening of practicing with it and she was playing sustained notes in scales to the beat of her new metrinome. What a fantastic gift for a very talented girlie 🙂

How sweet!

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Thanks Sibelius for always making me doubt myself. I really do know the range of an oboe, so please don’t tell me I’m wrong. Stupid computers.

(For those of you who aren’t familiar with the it, Sibelius is music notation software. The writer isn’t referring to the composer.)

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Most women there wear a dress or skirt

Most men there are at least fifty and have the same ring of hair cuz they’re balding

I can’t remember which is the oboe and which is the basoon

Suzophones just remind Mike Kelly’s GF Vanessa Marcano of that video on youtube of the Suzophone and the saxophone talking on the telephone

Clarinets make me sleepy

Operas tell a story but I don’t speak what ever language they are written in

The conductor introduced himself as John Bon Jovi

Intermission does not rhyme with interrogation or indeterminate

Bright cellphone screens are remarkably distracting in a dimly lit concert hall

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This sounds like a cross between an Incredible String Band instrumental and “A Love Supreme”… so basically, the best thing ever. Thank you, obscure late-60s psychedelic folk collective, for bringing some much needed justice to the oboe, the dorkiest of woodwinds www.youtube.com Third Ear Band – Stone Circle [Alchemy] 1969

Wanting to hear what the Facebook person is writing about? Here you go:

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I can’t tell if it was a compliment when people came up to me after church today and said, “At my funeral, I want you to play the oboe” Is it because they won’t be able to hear me? paranoia will destroy ya’ ….

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Some days I don’t hate the oboe. Today is not one of those days.

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I am selling my expedition.2003 ford expedition. Eddie Bauer. It has 305,000 miles on it and still runs great. It does need a window motor for the second window on drivers side. I’m asking 3000 oboe. Inbox me if interested.

(Because it’s always best to ask to be paid in oboes. 😉

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Also performed on my own reed today!!!! Good day to play oboe.

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anybody know where I can get pads for oboereal quick n reasonably cheap.good quality