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… you know, the kind that is being played these days. Not for a Super Bowl ring, but for a World Cup trophy … here is a compilation of composers for each of the countries still in the games. Check it out. Listen. Enjoy!

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… used, again, in a very funny way. When oboe is used as an example like this by someone writing about sports I just have to laugh. I can’t help it!

Meanwhile, the excellent Sean McDonough is still saddled with Matt Millen for the Insight Bowl and the Fiesta, the broadcasting equivalent of pairing the Vienna Philharmonic to play an oboe concerto with a man in a gorilla suit who cannot play to the oboe. When you can’t play the oboe you really can’t play the oboe, and Matt Millen is as bad a non-oboe player as the broadcasting world has to offer. (Additionally, Millen will provide additional irony to the Insight Bowl by lacking any.)

I read it here.

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This little bit of information may go under the radar, but Houston Texan OL- Chester Pitts will visit San Francisco next week. As of week 3 of the 2009 season Pitts had started 113 consecutive games for Houston, all at guard, after starting his career at tackle. Pitts also played all but 1 snap in 2008. This could be a real good move for the 49ers.

I read it here.

If Chester Pitts actually does come to San Francisco to play with the 49ers do you think he’d play oboe duets with me during halftime?