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… where it’s at.

Yeah, lame. (If you know what I’m referencing. If not, never mind!)

If you are in the market for an oboe I have a few here for sale. Two former students are moving on and selling their MCW oboes (modified conservatory). Both are in excellent condition. I also have a lovely Rigoutaut from the 60’s that has quite a lovely sound. I’d buy it myself, but I really don’t need another oboe! It’s in great shape.

I do have a few students how might purchase oboes, but I thought I’d put it out here as well, in case anyone is searching. Local buyers would be best, so we don’t have to deal with shipping and payment issues.

I’ll probably shoot some photos sometime soon.

Well, according to the seller it’s a “sound bridge”. You can read about it here, and listen to the two clips below. Thoughts? Do you hear a difference? Is it worth $65 to $300?



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Jennet is selling a Yamaha 841 Custom oboe. Anyone interested?

Hmm. MY oboe is broken ….

… or maybe not. There is no mention of the maker. You can see it here.

This is just a gentle reminder: If you are purchasing an instrument, the seller should give you a trial period. I always tell my students and parents to consult with me when purchasing an instrument. The one time a parent didn’t heed that advice a very bad oboe was purchased when they were visiting China. Yes, it was lower in price, but who cares? It really was a horrendous instrument. So be cautious. Pretty please?!

Now the instrument above could be a fantastic instrument. Or it could be awful. I’m not recommending it. I’m not NOT recommending it. Not publicly on my blog, anyway. Yes, I’m just that careful about what I write here.

But feel free to email me if you want to kNOw what I think about whether you should buy it or NOT. ;-)

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Really … that’s what this says. If I lived in Salem, Oregon I’d probably buy it. I could use a really cool looking oboe lamp, if it’s good for nothing else!

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In case this isn’t terribly clear … I think I don’t know how to post pictures well! … this reads:

Püchner Bassoon #7677
tuned & serviced by Holden McAleer
Contact: Paul Barret pbarrett [at] lava [dot] net (808) 263-0021

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Hello! I have an oboe and English Horn for sale either together or separate.

Forrest Oboe serial number 5343
Marigaux EH serial number 5472 (VERY NICE)
I have a double case for them and two bocals.

They have already been sent to Carlos Coehlo, a great oboe repair/touchup person and are in good condition.

For the two the asking price is $6,500. $2,500 for the oboe and $4,000 for the English Horn.

The person selling these is an oboist I’ve read about, so I don’t think she would make an error about the brand. But I’ve never heard of a Forrest oboe! Anyone? The price isn’t bad. I’ll email her to check this out and fill you in later if I hear back.

I did hear from the seller. It is, indeed, a Forrests oboe. Link to seller page.

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… really! And for only $16.95. You’d never have to go hear someone play “Chopin’s Minute Waltz” again.

Buy one.

I don’t think many people visit the discussion page, so I’m posting this entry on the blog in case anyone is interested in purchasing a Gilbert shaper tip:

Know somebody who wants a Gilbert shaper tip? :)

Well, guys, as cool as hoarding all my oboe supplies is, the truth of the matter is that I really never use this shape. Also, while I may consider myself a young undiscovered phenom on the path to international renown, I can’t deny that a less optimistic title would probably be “financially independent starving artist college student”–i.e. Dirt Poor. So– anyone in the market for a Gilbert tip? I think I might have used it for all of a week or two, a few years ago. I’d like to sell it for $100. It’s as good as new, and also one of the most common shapes (at least over here on the East Coast.) Write me, please! at superlani19 (at) hotmail (dot) com. ~lani~

So there you go. And yes, at this point I’m fine with posting items here, as long as they are oboe related, and are private sales. (I don’t want to start advertising for businesses; I have links a’plenty to businesses and you can visit those pages by clicking on links on the left side of the page. Check out all the Double Reed Sources and you’ll see.)