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Okay, I normally don’t like autotune. At all. But this just cracked me up. So there’s that. And it’s done by some young folks and I like that too. :-) (Yeah, using the word “folks” means I’m old. Go figure.)

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I’m just amazed she can get through all of these!

Performed by Jane Lui, Michael T., and Jonathan Batiste.

… or I can’t be friends with you. Sorry.

This guy, David Newman, is fantastic and I wish I’d had him for theory. Maybe I would have actually learned … and remembered!

… and yes, there are more!

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… and wince as well. I sure hope those weren’t good instruments! :-)

Thanks, Bob Hubbard, for sending this my way. I almost want to go to Wisconsin now. (And I do believe I saw Robert Levine in this … am I correct?)

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As a friend wrote (hi Johne!):

You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Ride of the Valkyries augmented by harmonica and mouth harp.

… and of course An der schönen blauen donau is thrown in for good measure …

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MozART Group

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What fun — scroll in to about 2:25 unless you want to watch them set up and all — but if you speak German maybe you’ll want to hear the intro, where the heckelphone is introduced!

Jazzy Ideas for 5 oboes, 2 English horns, heckelphone, 2 bassoons and piano.
Composer: Augustin Lehfuss

(In case there’s someone out there who hasn’t seen it, the title of this blog entry comes from the movie Being John Malkovich.)

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This video below just brought me joy. Here this group of people are, in a house with three (!) pianos, and a variety of other instruments and they are making music together. I mean … this is just too darn fun and I would love to do something like this sometime. No performance anxiety (I hope). Just sheer joy of playing music together.

You can read a bit about the composer, Irene M. Giblin (1888-1974)here.

The video was recorded in Sutter Creek, California. I know someone from there … I wonder if she knows any of these people. Oh Madeline, do you read this blog?!

Here’s another, just for fun (and in reading more, it appears this was a Ragtime Festival). Six pianists on four pianos, plus 1 banjo:

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Want a real winner of a ring tone? Check out the Met’s Ring ring tones!

And they are Frrrreeeee!