I just read about a music game. It’s called New Virtuoso. No, it’s not on the market yet.

Music theory? Ruh-roh. I’d probably lose.

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I’m like a folk musician who got a little out of control.

-Bela Fleck

This is from the Bach & Friends DVD. I highly recommend this 2 DVD set. What a great Christmas gift! Really!

… and rumor has it there just might be a Bach & More Friends! Stay tuned!

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… so I did purchase their Christmas CD. But if some of you didn’t manage to do that …

I put this group up twice this month, and I was going to post this blog entry on December 24, but I just couldn’t wait! Here is what I believe is their complete program:

iTunes has one CD of theirs, called Spel, and emusic has that as well as Den Fagraste Rosa, Steinstolen and Åre. I believe in supporting artists, so if you like these folks as much as I please consider purchasing something. Or give the iTunes download as a gift! (I think, from looking at each CD, that Spel is maybe a sampler of tunes from the other three CDs.)

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Seat Subscription to Four Concerts At Symphony Silicon Valley (Up to $300 Value). Choose Between Two Seating Levels. Today only.

Check it Out!

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Can’t figure out what to purchase for your favorite oboist? If he or she doesn’t have the Alex Klein Vivaldi CD I highly recommend it! Mr. Klein is an amazing oboist. You really can’t go wrong with anything of his, but this (reissued) CD (and check out the price!) is quite stunning. I was sent a (yes, free!) CD … but believe me, I’m sent a lot of free things and I don’t tell folks to buy something if I don’t like it. (Notice I don’t do negative reviews … I simply don’t review things I’m not happy with, as I hate being a mean old lady.) If you click on the link to this CD you can also hear excerpts of some movements. Check it out!