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Read online:

The 2017 instrument of the year is the oboe. Most people think of it as a classical instrument – but it’s also brightened up a lot of pop songs. We present the ten best tracks that feature an oboe.

So many problems with this video, in my little opinion, but … um … the photo at the start of the video? I shouldn’t be surprised by other issues when this is what I see! (This is just a photo below … you have to click on the link to watch the video, as I didn’t see a way to embed it.)


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So bad it’s good? Hm. I wonder.

So … um … enjoy. Or not. You choose!

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Someone posted this on Facebook and it’s too funny not to share.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.50.55 PM

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Please say it ain’t so!


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… and no, I’ve never been accused of this!

A professional pianist in Spain and her parents are facing a seven-and-a-half year jail sentence for acoustic contamination and causing “psychological damage” to those living near her, a former neighbour claimed yesterday (Nov 11).

Prosecutors are also seeking to have the pianist banned from any profession involving a piano for four years, on top of a fine of €10,800 (S$18,100) and damages of €9,900.

The plaintiff, named only as Sonia B in the report carried in Spanish newspaper El Pais, sued Laia Martin for the stress she endured as the musician’s neighbour from 2003 to 2007 in Puigcerda, Girona. The trial is expected to conclude this week.

Medical records show that Sonia B suffered hearing damage, panic attacks and pregnancy problems due to the “environmental auditory stress” suffered during that period. Sonia B and her family eventually


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Piano duo ‘takes classical music and tursn it on its head’

Read more: Piano duo ‘takes classical music and tursn it on its head’ – Mywesttexas.com: Entertainment http://www.mywesttexas.com/entertainment/article_28dcc7b5-e199-51b1-9ff1-bfcb76ea77ac.html#ixzz1sSWo2i6l
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(How kind of the paper to have this automatically linked to their wonderful headline. 😉

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I just read this on a YouTube video:

six pieces for oboe (or other instrument in Bb) and piano

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Opera star Elina Garanca sings “Age of Aquarius” … and again I have to credit Opera Chic who seems to find everything!

First Netrebko and now this? What shall I put up next? Hmm?

How about we put both Netrebko and Garanca together and have ’em sing something … oh I dunno … operatic or something? Hmm?

I don’t know what to make of this, but I suppose I should thank Opera Chic for bringing it to my attention.

Philipp Kirkorov & Anna Netrebko: