With L’Orfeo Barockorchester and Andreas Helm on oboe:

Man, my ear really wants to hear the c minor version … I guess that’s the one I hear most of the time.

… but what I really want to know is what is that gigantic cabbage doing there by the oboist?

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Georg Friedrich Händel [attr.]
Concerto doppio für Fagott, Oboe, Streicher und Basso continuo in c-Moll

Petra Regel, Oboe; Sergio Azzolini, Fagott; Orchestra L’Aura Soave Cremona

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Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
Concherto 03.04.11
Solo oboe – Paolo Grazzi
Pratum Integrum orchestra

J. F. Fasch: Trio Sonata in F
The New Dutch Academy; Anna Starr and Amy Power, Baroque Oboes; Yukiko Murakami, Bassoon; Haru Kitamika, Harpsichord

J. F. FASCH: (1688 – 1758)
Largo & Allegro (Finale) from “Triosonata in F Dur for two oboes, two Bassoon & continuo
Baroque Ensemble SANS SOUCI
Giuseppe NALIN: baroque oboe & Leader
Stefano VEZZANI: baroque oboe
Paolo TOGNON: baroque bassoon
Claudio VERH: baroque bassoon
Marco VINCENZI: harpsichor

Live Recording – Padova “Sala Della Carità” 30.07.2010

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Telemann Quartet in G from Tafelmusik
Il Gardellino (Marcel Ponseele, Sophie Gent, Herve Douchy, Jan De Winne and Shalec Ad-El)