07. January 2023 · Comments Off on Fun! · Categories: Jazz, Oboe

A Facebook post by pianist Martin Hybler brought this YouTube video to my attention.


Vilém Veverka TRIOplus

Vilém Veverka – Oboe solo
Martin Hybler – Piano Nord
Ond?ej Štajnochr – Double bass
Tomáš Hobzek – Drums

Composed by Martin Hybler

Camera: Julian Veverica
Sound engineer: Ond?ej Urban
Executive producer: Vilém Veverka

10. March 2010 · Comments Off on She’s Got Rhythm · Categories: Jazz, Videos

… she’s also got very very fast fingers.

I don’t usually put jazz up here, since I don’t play jazz and I’m not all that connected to it. But a friend and colleague, clarinetists Dr. Janet Averett, posted this at Facebook, and I simply can’t resist. (Besides, pianists always sort of amaze me; they have this “more than one note thing” going on, you know?)

Now as to me and jazz? Nope. I do improvisation stuff that’s something like KindergartenSimple™, but I’ve never learned anything about jazz. But there actually are double reeders who play jazz. Perhaps I’ll post a few and you can decide if you like the style or not.