San Francisco Symphony’s All-Bernstein Carnegie Hall Concert to be Broadcast Nationally on Great Performances on PBS October 29

A Celebration of Leonard Bernstein: Carnegie Hall Opening Night 2008 DVD to be released on SFS Media

The San Francisco Symphony (SFS)’s September 24 all-Bernstein gala concert opening the Carnegie Hall 2008-09 season will be broadcast nationally Wednesday, October 29* on Thirteen/WNET New York’s GREAT PERFORMANCES on PBS (check local listings) and released on DVD, on the Symphony’s SFS Media label. Bay Area audiences can watch Carnegie Hall Opening Night 2008: A Celebration of Leonard Bernstein on KQED Channel 9 and KQED-HD at 9 p.m. on October 29. The 90-minute program will repeat at 3 a.m. Thursday, October 30. It will also be broadcast on KQED Life on Thursday, October 30 at 8 p.m. and repeated on Friday, October 31 at 2 a.m.

I read it here.

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When I was visiting Kelsey & Mel I wanted to play her some music ideas for their wedding. I had forgotten to bring the CD I burned, so I had to play them from my MacBook. Not the greatest way to listen to music! But wait! Kelsey had a Airport Express Base Station! So no miniscule yucky sound. Nope. The music played through her speakers. AND I could print my boarding pass wirelessly as well.

Well of course, “Like daughter, like mother.” I had to get one.

So I’m currently listening to J. S. Bach. Good for a Sunday morning. I’m also cleaning up iTunes, putting things in their proper folders, getting the dates for all the composers (I like to have that information right there so when a student asks, “When was he/she born?” I can answer as if I’ve known all my life! 😉

Ah. Leon Fleisher Bach. Nice. (I swear he played with SJS (RIP) years ago, but for the life of me I can’t remember what work; I can’t imagine it was the Ravel, as I only recall playing that with Alicia de Larrocha and Jean-Philippe Collard, the latter back when I was in my early twenties … so long ago now! So what would it have been? I’m nearly certain it was when he was only using his left hand. Hmmm. Maybe I’m wrong? Readers who were here then?)

Speaking of de Larrocha, watch this. With her, Dudley Moore (really!) and MTT and the London Symphony Orchestra. I’ve had to interrupt my Bach … Ray Still playing Sinfonia: Ich hatte viel Bekummernis (from Cantata No. 21) for this, but oh what a wonderful video! And what an honor it was to have her here a few times. (I love the, “Not to piano because then I have to play pianissimo” … very true.) Oh, and here is part 2. You get to hear Dudley Moore play as well. His variations on Colonel Bogey. Very fun.

Listening and watching this … and going back to Bach … talk about joy. Awe, too.

I have a great job, even in this little corner of the huge music world. 🙂

We are just home from the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra concert. I can’t blog; I’m simply far too tired. But I’m not sure how much I’d say anyway, as I don’t review these things. So just a couple of notes:

  • We had fantastic seats, although I couldn’t see the principal oboist.
  • I could see Russ deLuna. He appeared to be playing kind of slanted to the left. Might have been where I was sitting, though.
  • They seated latecomers between the two movements of the Schuman. I found it disruptive. (So was the coughing between every movement of the Beethoven.)
  • This orchestra moves very little. Very, very little. The most movement (still minimal) was by the always fabulous Stephen Paulson.
  • For the life of me I didn’t remember the solo string parts in the last movement of the Beethoven. That was a surprise.
  • MTT must do ballet on the side.
  • It was thoroughly enjoyable … and especially the Schuman! Something new. Something I’ll be downloading from emusic.

    Thanks, SFSO, for a very lovely night on the town!

    (I missed Project Runway just for you. 😉

  • No one blinked when an ambulance sped up Market Street, siren wailing, during George Gershwin’s “Cuban Overture.” And the Southwest Airlines jet that went overhead a minute later just added its own bass horn sound to the orchestra for a couple of seconds.


    I can’t imagine this didn’t bother any audience members. It might not have bothered Pizarro (does he normally attend classical music concerts, I wonder?) but I’m guessing the musicians either rolled their eyes, laughed, or were just ticked off that they had to play this. (I’ve heard things….)

    Would I play there anyway? Sure. I think reaching out to the public is an excellent idea. It’s just also very, very expensive. (And yeah, we’ll whine about it because the sound is rotten and playing outdoors isn’t great for instruments. But whining is part of the biz. So there you go.) Pizarro’s suggesting his city’s little group should do the same is fine; perhaps he can also help with funding! He mentioned that the SF Symphony used amplification … well … yet another added expense. (I’m just betting that those highly paid musicians have to be getting some sort of run out fee, too, since they aren’t playing in their neighborhood.)

    Perhaps the Mercury News and the City of San Jose would like to put their heads together and bring the local talent into the public’s eye. (Btw, Chuck Reed came to our first symphony concert; I hadn’t seen a mayor at a symphony concert in a number of years. Thanks, Mr. Reed!) We have symphony, opera, musical theatre, theatre, mariachi, ballet, youth orchestras, taiko, children’s musical theatre … it’s all right here. Wouldn’t it be great if the money in this valley went to these groups, rather than to the folks up the freeway who frequently treat San Jose with disdain? I think so!

    (Psst, psst … to the City of San Jose … the list you have of upcoming events … well … those opera and symphony concerts are over. It’s October now! And how about listing all the performing arts groups on that page too? After all, you list all the sports groups. C’mon, you know you can do it! Oh … and your Community Profile doesn’t list a symphony. You might think about changing that. And maybe adding links to the groups, too. If you’d like a bit of help I’m here for you.)

    Is this really necessary? “Rival Symphony Orchestras”? I don’t see it that way. Geesh. SFS is a full time, wonderfully paying gig, with absolutely fabulous musicians. We are an extremely part time, good for a bit of extra dough in the pocket group, with some absolutely fabulous musicians. Oh … they do have MTT, though. 😉 (And, btw, the SFS Peter and the Wolf concert is by their youth orchestra. Not to be picky or anything….)

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    MTT has a question for you.