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Nice clarinet. The reed’s still on it. Dusty though. I don’t think she played the clarinet.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Well, let’s see if that clarinet has anything to do with the murder, shall we?

Yep. The clarinet plays into it. Go figure.

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It’s Bach’s cello solo in G. I studied the cello. It’s a beautiful piece, man, that’s just not right!

-CSI (the television show)

Why is it that serial killers love Bach so much?

Heard on CSI: New York

He (played by R&Ber Ne-Yo): So which do you prefer classical or R&B?

She: Neither actually, Hard core Rock & Roll.

H: So it’s R&B. Which means you have good taste.

S: And what if I’d said classical?

H: I’d say you believe in fate.

S: ‘Scuse me?

H: As in fate versus free will. You see classical is all about fate structures. Inevitable build to an inevitable end.

S: But isn’t all music structured like that?

H: No. Not R&B. See R&B is about how it makes you feel, taking you where you want to go all at the drop of a nice bass line.

Then the guy proceeds to shoot three people. Probably a result of … dunno … R&B? 😉

I realize that I am ignorant when it comes to this sort of thing, but isn’t conducting an orchestra basically air guitar for rich people?

-Jimmy Kimmel

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Steve’s dead now. From here on, Steve’s death will be represented by the oboe.

– Tom Servo, “Mystery Science Theater, 3000”