This is so much fun! Bravo!

W.A.MOZART: Don Giovanni
“Fin Ch’han Dal Vino”
Arrangement for 2 oboes
Eugene Izotov (oboes 1 & 2)

I first featured Song HyungJung back in 2011. She was then thirteen. Last November I shared Blues for D.D. from a recent video upload, and here she is in the same recital with a bit of Piazzolla.

Piazzolla Etude for Flute

… Eight OBOES, that is!

Many thanks to Erin Hannigan for posting this on YouTube and giving me permission to post it here. Kudos to the oboists, and especially to Erin for her animal-saving ways. This was from an Artists for Animals Event, hosted by Operation Kindness.

More about Erin:

Ramón Ortega Quero talks about his CD, and you get to hear his beautiful playing as well.

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Yep … it uses oboe. Thanks, Colin Maier. Brock Burford as well. I enjoyed this!

I’ve not been good about keeping up with Colin’s YouTube page, so I think he needs to help me out here … did people make requests? Do tell!

Blues for D.D. by Jeffrey Agrell

Song Hyun Jung (Amy Song) is 16 years old now. I remember hearing her on YouTube when she was 13 and I was wowed back then. Brava!

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RQOD = Reed Quote of the Day

Don’t worry, I’ll probably not have any more of these … but how could I resist this?

A finished reed is 70 millimeters in length, and the part that you scrape is only from 47 to 70 millimeters. Twenty-three millimeters define our existence.

Eugene Izotov

You can read more and even see a video about his low A oboe by clicking here.

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Or how about two “pretties”? One from him, one from yours truly …

Performance on October 26, 2013 at SUNY Fredonia.
Composed by Rebecca Pellet
Oboe – Colin Maier


A film by Matt Dine

His note on the YouTube page: “My new film about Albrecht Mayer and his AM155 model oboe by Gebrüder Mönnig” (Well, I added the umlauts!)

It’s fascinating to watch an oboe being made. At least I found it so!

Mönnig oboes

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Liang Wang, Principal Oboe, New York Philharmonic
Pascal Roge, Piano