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Diana Doherty is playing Spirit of the Wild by Nigel Westlake with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Robertson. I’m in awe.

(Warning to my dear friend whose ears can’t handle dissonance: you’ll want to skip this unless you no longer have that issue!)

… and double wow!

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with Eugene Izotov, Mingjia Liu, and Russ deLuna

And now I’m even MORE humbled, hearing Mr. Izotov play piano.

From Mr. Izotov’s page: Some terrific playing by our wonderful students Tim Daniels and Casey Kearney:

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The Philadelphia Orchestra has settled on a finalist for its coveted principal oboist job, and he has been invited to play tryouts in upcoming concerts.

Nathan Hughes, a principal oboist with the Metropolitan Opera orchestra, has not been offered the job, much less signed a contract, but he has emerged as the only finalist after several days of auditions.

The hiring process isn’t concluded, said orchestra spokeswoman Ashley Berke. In fact, Hughes might not end up in Philadelphia, but in Chicago, where the oboist says he is also expecting to play tryout concerts with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra that have yet to be scheduled.

“It’s hard to say what will happen. I don’t want to get ahead of myself,” said Hughes Sunday, a day after his final audition in Philadelphia. “These are amazing orchestras, and the process isn’t over until everything is decided. Having us play in the orchestra is a great way to find out what musicians are like. It’s different from the audition, where you are hearing them alone mostly.”

I read it here.

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Just an excerpt of the work … but such a great work it is! (And Chris Thile is such a kick!)

Bravo to Eugene Izotov and Jon Nakamatsu. What a duo this is! ??

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With Eugene Izotov, Ian Swensen, Jay Liu and Jennifer Culp.

Rondo: Allegro from Oboe Quartet in F Major

Always love the bit where the oboe is in 2/4 and the strings are in 6/8.

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So very interesting! Imagine starting out by just having a reed to play most days of the week!

Also interesting to hear him say he put “no” on an audition paper because he didn’t like he way the woman left … as if she was angry. Guess there was no screen.

The discussion on focal dystonia is truly heart-breaking. I have always said, and will continue to say, “I am not my oboe.” I hope I mean it.

Go to about 40 minutes in and it is fascinating what his brain is telling him. Wow. And DOUBLE WOW to the dystonia being “task specific”: “I can play oboe d’amore, I can play English horn, I can play Baroque oboe” … amazing.

And yes, oboe is, for most, NOT an old age playing instrument. He said he can’t imagine playing after age 65. :-)

Alex Klein – Living the Classical Life: Episode 51 from Elyria Pictures on Vimeo.

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So true about it being so personal, I think … I feel the same about English horn. But I suppose every instrumentalist might say that about his or her instrument though, right?

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… or, in our case, a bit of rain would be nice.

This is absolutely delightful!

Jule Styne: Let It Snow! (or should I write “Lät it schnou”?), arr. Mykyta Sierov
Oboenkalsse Weimar: Oboists (I-IV): Katharina Althen, Leopold Kern, Sabrina Fürtsch, Viktoria Kassel, English horn: Alba Szymanski; Guitar: Mykyta Sierov

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From Nicholas Daniel (and thank, Nicholas, for your permission to post!):

Early Merry Christmas and seasonal glad tidings from my Trossingen class with some Philidor.

Nicholas Daniel (@ndanielmusic on Twitter)

The percussion section is wonderful! :-)

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There was controversy when no first prize was given to these three oboists (all were awarded second). I am not going to give my opinion on this, but just share their final performances. Because I can. But oh the booing when Elaine Douvas announced (Go to 1:10) that all were being given that second prize!

Jury: Elaine Douvas (Chair), Washington Barella, Nicholas Daniel, Christoph Hartmann, Louise Pellerin, Jorma Valjakka, Paulus van der Merwe

For the semi finals they played the Mozart. If you click through I’m sure you’ll see the links.

Kindly refrain from doing any critiquing (of either the oboists or the committee) in the comments here. This is just a share and nothing more. (Do I prefer one over another? Well … one always has a fave, right? Or at least nearly always.)

But what fine playing by all, and of course I’m impressed by their memorization.)

Juliana Koch (Germany) (audience prize)

Kyeong Ham (South Korea)

Thomas Hutchinson, (New Zealand) (prize for best performance of the new composition)