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Check it out! (I don’t know if I’m allowed to “borrow” the photos from the site, so just click on the link, have a look-see, and read about it.

I’d heard about the iron curtain, but never the aluminum one.

I love this poster, which I first saw at Charles Noble’s blog. Gee, kind of implies that every musician in the orchestra matters, you know?

Maybe everyone does matter!

AND … If you go to the orchestra’s Facebook page you’ll see one of my favorite oboists, Albrecht Mayer!

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Whenever I have a concert the house sort of takes a nose-dive. I can’t seem to manage to keep it as clean as I like (no one else likes it as clean as I like … which might imply it’s not really horribly messy when I let it go, but it bugs me!). So this morning was a “catch up day” after the weekend concerts (which went well, by the way, despite the hot weather and boiling stage).

So today: dusted & vacuumed (until, on the final room, I gave up trying to push a broken vacuum), cleaned the bathrooms, did the laundry, got the refried beans going (do “true” refried beans get fried and refried? I just cook pinto beans and then add all sorts of ingredients; no frying involved. Hmm.), cleaned much of the kitchen (avoiding the Viking stove like the plague) … and now I’m relaxing in my favorite way. I have my tea & muffin, along with the MacBook. Sweet … in more ways than one!


Okay … maybe not the picture. But see if you can figure it out!

“Oboist playing in the street” … so it says.

Well, yes, a new chandelier would brighten my day, but this … well … this is the sweetest couple ever and seeing this picture makes me very happy! Photo by the most fabulous wedding photographer ever. :-)

Another great picture by Katy!

Originally uploaded by katy regnier.

Sorry, guys … this was the best I did. Next time I want to get you up there pre-concert so I can get better pictures!



Better than nothing? I dunno.

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How often do you see a painting of an English horn player? I really love this work. Very cool.

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Time To Retire!:


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I’ve been sent pictures now, after replying to the email I received about Treemonisha. Perhpas these will spur you on to listen …?

All pictures feature the Houston Grand Opera and are taken by photographer Jim Caldwell.

Treemonisha5: Houston Grand Opera<br />  Photographer: Jim Caldwell”>
<img src=