I basically played Mozart and violin concertos again and again because it stimulated the inner ear of the unborn baby, and everything that they promised happened to both my children. They came out alert, unbelievably clever, and very relaxed.

—Helena Bonham Carter

Of course if they take up oboe they’ll probably lose the “very relaxed” bit. ;-)

I read it here.

Oh, and I think most mothers believe their children to be unbelievably clever. Except when they are misbehaving, that is!

From CList:

Single case for oboe, in extremely good condition (slight scuffing to fabric lining). Branded as “Bundy”, but would obviously fit any oboe.

Of course most of us would be more than reluctant to have a Bundy case in the first place, but cases doesn’t always work for all oboes! I have to Marigaux oboes and the older one is narrower. My (slightly but still old now) newer oboe won’t fit into that lovely, thin case.

Bonna, Protec (pink, anyone!?), BAM, Wiseman, Boston Double Reeds (custom made!) … those seem to work for all brands. I have used BAM cases, and have friends that use others that seem to fit anything, but I think a case that was built for a specific oboe could be problematic.

Besides, who wants to advertise Bundy? ;-)

Something equally unacceptable happened in London last night. According to a Southbank Centre statement: “An intruder forced his way into the Royal Festival Hall auditorium and onto the stage during last night’s concert and attempted to disrupt the performance by filming himself on his mobile phone.”

What the statement doesn’t say is that the man came on stage as Ádám Fischer was conducting the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment in the finale of Dvo?ák’s New World Symphony. I know what you’re thinking. Never since its principal theme was used to sell Hovis bread has anything so terrible happened to the New World Symphony. Hasn’t Dvo?ák suffered enough?

My colleague Tim Ashley reports in his review that Fischer shot the intruder a look of “quizzical amazement”, and the Southbank statement notes “the concert continued without pause”. I am in awe: I couldn’t conduct Dvo?ák to save my life, still less shoot anyone a look of quizzical amazement at the same time.

Well, we are taught to go on no matter what, after all!


A censorship row is brewing in New York after the New York Youth Symphony announced it would not be performing a piece commissioned through its own young composer competition, after being alerted to the work’s quotation of a Nazi anthem. The composer, 21-year-old Jonas Tarm, has expressed his disappointment at the decision, saying the work was dedicated to ‘victims who have suffered from cruelty and hatred of war, totalitarianism, polarizing nationalism’.

Do go read the whole thing.


Sax, Flute, and Clarinet seem to make logical sense in terms of keys. Oboe seems to be intentionally designed to be difficult to play.

Heh … I dunno. It doesn’t seem that crazy to me. But then I’ve been at this for an awfully long time. :-)

(We rented one from Forrests and I got to play it when we did this work.)

Orchestra on the hunt for special oboe

A New Zealand orchestra is hunting around the world for a rare woodwind instrument ahead of its season opening next week.

The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra will kick off the year with a performance of Gustav Holst’s suite The Planets but has had trouble finding a bass oboe for the piece.

An octave lower than the regular oboe and about twice the size, the bass oboe has few works composed for it.


Well … clarinet might be for you. I just read this:

Clarinet Lessons
The IRS has allowed people with an overbite to deduct clarinet lessons if used to treat the dental condition and if the lessons have been prescribed by a doctor.

I read it here.

So let’s see … how in the world can we get oboe lessons in there, I wonder?

I rammed my oboe reed into the wall and the top 1 cm is all chipped and frayed. The sound is electronica like?

and its not the usual tone but is in tune but all the notes don t sound regular. I can t buy new reeds and the other 3 are stubborn and flat. I just got the reed and i accidentally rammed it into the wall

… um … seriously? Does someone think there is a cure to this problem? Or maybe this site I landed on is a fake site. It happens ….

trumpet is such a weird instrument when you play it with an English horn reed

I don’t know the show but … once again, oboe as a college entrance key. Hah!

Back at home, Sue is trying to come up with new ways to get noticed on her college application. She’s trying to learn the oboe, because she read on the Internet that colleges LOVE students that play the oboe, and the Internet is always right.

Fun fact I learned during this episode—a poorly played oboe kind of sounds like a dying cat.

From something called The Middle, whatever that is.

I read it here.