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I’ve always enjoyed the Dring trio, but I’m not familiar with this work. Sweet, lovely movement.

Bryanne Presley, Oboe
Teng-Kuan Wang, Piano

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Antonio Vivaldi sonata for Oboe and Continuo in c minor, RV53
In-Gun Hwang (14 years old at the time of this recording, according to the YouTube page)

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Nice work … nice playing.

Kenneth Fuchs: Eventide
Kevin Chavez, English horn; Carol Ann Aicher, piano

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I haven’t put any of these up for a while. But I’ve not done much of anything for a while! I’d tell you that will change but I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

But here … have a Recital Encore. The player is 14 year old In-Gun Hwang.

Saint Saëns: Oboe Sonata

André Previn: Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano
Third movement: Jaunty

Shih-han Chiu, bassoon; Sophie Mok, oboe; Kwokwai Michael Lui, piano
Shih-han Chiu, DMA recital, University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Music, Yoshi Ishikawa Bassoon Studio

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Closer to home … Joshua Lauretig is from the Cleveland area and I believe he’s 16 years old. I’ve never heard of the work or composer before, so this is also a “New To My Ears” work.

Josh Lauretig, oboe
Elizabeth DeMio, piano

The video info box tells us this:

oboe : HyunJung(Amy) Song
2011-28-may Kumho Prodigy concert. Seoul,South Korea
She is 13 years old who live in Seoul.
She studies oboe in Yewon middle school in Seoul.
This is her first solo recital.
Please enjoy it!


I’ve had a number of students, from high school through university level play the Saint Saëns. Whenever I ask them to keep the book closed and play the beginning of each movement by memory (my way of checking to see if they even have a clue what the first note is, for one thing) they act as if I’m insane. Hah!

Saint Saëns:

… and let’s change our outfit, shall we? 😉



This young player is so musical … wow. Just … wow!

Thanks to Robin Tropper for bringing this to my attention.

Some oboe players having fun! Take THAT, you crazy bassoonists.

See? We can be fun too.


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I haven’t been putting many recital encores up recently. Guess I should look through YouTube a bit more for these. This is a fun one … love me some Piazzolla!

Astor Piazzola: Tango Etude No. 3
Liz Plummer, oboist

Very fun. (There are a couple of references they don’t note … can you catch ’em?)

This is by Arne Running. He and I have communicated in the past; he has some very clever pieces that I think are great for recitals.

Quodlibet from “Aria and Quodlibet” by Arne Running. Performed by Stephanie Patterson (Oboe), Heather McGarvey (English Horn), and Rachel Bicheler (Flash Cards) at SUNY Fredonia’s Woodwind Area Recital on 11/15/10.