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Ugh … if I embed the video it plays automatically. That’s crummy.

Instead just go to this.

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I haven’t purchased, this, but some of you might be interested in a reed making app, and there’s one available. Check it out!

From the page:
Get valuable reed advice from America’s top oboe players and best reed makers. This app has been created by Christopher Gaudi in collaboration with these great artists and is designed to be a useful tool for all oboists, from beginning reed makers to seasoned professionals.

Mr. Gaudi also has a website you might be interested in.

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Here is a video from the late John Mack. Did I put this up already? I sure don’t think so, but I’ve been known to forget things …

Aegean Reeds style … this isn’t how we all do it, but it’s great fun to watch!

(Have I posted this already? I can’t remember!)

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So I’ve been playing oboe for a year and been on a medium reed. Is there anything higher than this, or is medium where it stops?
I’m fairly good, I practice an hour a day. My favorite medium reed just died a couple days ago and I have to get a new one, and I am just curious.
Thank you!

I tend to roll my eyes at reed strengths. I roll them especially with machine made reeds. There is some sort of assumption that if you make reeds exactly the same their strength will be the same. Trouble is, we are dealing with plant life. Pieces of cane are not identical. This is one reason we have to know how to work on reeds. You could order 10 medium reeds and find that some feel hard and some feel soft.

I have very few students who make reeds. Try as I might, I can’t convince them to get to it. I must admit, though, that I don’t push it. Unless I have a student who is planning on majoring in music I tend to be somewhat relaxed about the issue. I suppose this is due to the fact that I absolutely despise making reeds. Heck, I’d never make another reed in my life if I could get away with it!

Get a load of this “adjustable staple”. Copied directly from the site:

Fantastic new design by Chiarugi. This set has five tips and adjustable bases in 45mm, 46mm, 47mm and 48mm. Designed for players who work internationally, the base of the staple can be changed to accommodate the need to play at different pitches. The bore of the staple is the 2+, so it is the same as Howarth and Rigoutat branded staples. These staples are a quality product well worth the investment.

Gee, I like this idea!

You can order them here.

But of course I’ll say it anyway!

The closer I get to a concert, the worse my reeds feel.

Yep. I’m hating my reeds. Tonight I have a recital at UCSC and tomorrow is Opera San José’s opening night for La traviata.

I’m not sure if it’s psychological, or if I really do have worse reeds when I near a concert. I’m guessing it’s the former. But who cares about the why of it all. It just IS, and I have to deal. So today I’m working on reeds, and hoping a miracle occurs. Truth of it is, though, that I rarely trust a brand new reed, and I’m sure I’ll end up dealing with older ones. The recital is only one piece, and I have a reed I think will get me through even though it’s not stellar. I’ve been using three and sometimes four reeds a night for opera, in my continued search for ones that sound and feel good. I don’t have much in the opera, but I do have a one solo and a few other things that are heard that make for scary times if I don’t like my reed(s).

Last night was our final dress rehearsal. I (foolishly?) walked seven miles during the day, and then I had two students. By the time I started the opera my brain was rather fried. I played wrong notes (fortunately in places that no one other than a couple of people around me would notice). I felt unfocussed. I thought I sounded abominable. I realize I’m my worst critic but still ….

Okay … back to reeds now. I just felt the need to vent!

If only reed making took just think long, eh? (But doesn’t he have a lovely sound?)

… and hey, that’s how I open my tips! (But not until I’ve thinned the tip a bit. I’ve seen other oboists cringe when they see me doing that.)

Here is a portion of a Master Class by Leloux:

These videos are to promote playwithapro.com. I need to investigate the site a bit. It appears you can purchase masterclasses, but I’m not seeing the price there. (I’m probably just missing it somehow.) I’d certainly be interested in watching them if the price isn’t too prohibitive.

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Are you interested in what an oboist does? Check this fabulous video out!

Tired yet?

I hear Mingjia when Dan and I attend San Francisco Opera, and I can tell you he is one magnificent musician!

You can also see Deb Shidler, Peter Lemberg, and Janet Archibald in the opera orchestra. I see them from a great distance as we sit in our Dress Circle seats to enjoy the opera. I have the best seat in the house, from my own opera pit, but I love my dress circle seat too.

Well, okay … not quite!