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I love this pictures. It’s a great “anonymous blogger” picture, don’t you think?

Anonymous Blogger

Oh … and many, many thanks to “my” photographer, Dan. Please visit his photoblog and enjoy his talent. (Be sure and click on some of those category links to see more!)

Um. No. I’m not at all biased. I pretend I’m not married to him and I STILL think he’s great! 🙂

I’ve yet to see any blog entries by others about the concert last night. Hmmm. Wonder what’s up with that?

Here are some pictures …

Dressed in Brown

Yes, this is me (above), and a blogger I didn’t get to meet. But he’s handsome, so there you go! But anyway, notice that I managed to wear non-concert clothes? Cool eh?

Gaffigan, SFS Conductor for the Night

Pictured above is James Gaffigan who spoke to us for a bit of time. So young …. (You also see a French hornist … more on him down below.)


Above you see Luisa chatting with all of us. She sent the invitation to this event. THANKS LUISA!

BLOGGERS (who will, for the time begin at least, remain nameless):



SFS Bloggers

And finally (for now), below you see the French hornist, Jonathan Ring. When asked if French horn players had a particular kind of personality he said they were, for the most part, “laid back” and then proceeded to suggest that we oboe players, blowing though our tiny reeds with all that back pressure, aren’t. Can you imagine?! Heh.

French Hornist

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Dan and I are just home from the San Francisco Symphony concert that bloggers were invited to attend. I will be blogging more tomorrow; right now I’m fairly fried. But Dan is quickly seeing about photos, so if he gets to that soon enough I’ll post a few.

Just a few quick things:

  • Why do some parents bring a child who is young enough to cry and sleep but not old enough to enjoy a concert?
  • What was that high humming noise—quite subtle, mind you—I heard. Lights? Fans? I wonder. I’m sure a lot of people don’t hear it, but I can tell you that Davies isn’t a silent hall.
  • GREAT FUN to meet bloggers “Monsieur C-” The Standing Room (he sat at the concert) and “SFMike” of Civic Center. I met a few other folks too, but I didn’t know them via their blogs prior to tonight, and no blog URLs were handed out. (I did have my cards with me, but I wasn’t about to pester people with them unless they handed me one first.)
  • I love Steve Paulson’s playing. He always sounds so great!
  • The horns were fantastic.
  • I don’t get Rachmaninoff. I don’t get Rachmaninoff. I don’t get Rachmaninoff.

    More on that last one tomorrow, as well as more comments about the concert and program, and seeing Maestro Gaffigan. (Sorry, Cooper, but we didn’t get to actually shake hands or anything, or I would have given him your greeting.)

    Okay. Enough for tonight. I’m tired.

    Oh. And I wore brown. Well, a patterned skirt. But mostly brown. Not black. Even brown shoes. (So many musicians, even when wearing colors, still wear black shoes!) 🙂

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    So tonight is the night for my San Francisco Symphony experience. It includes an intermission reception for we “Citizen Bloggers” and the opportunity to meet Maestro James Gaffigan. It also includes photography, and Dan, master of photography (if you ask me!) is accompanying me so I’ll leave that art up to him.

    I am nervous. Like many a blogger, I’m an introvert. Like many a musician, I’m an introvert. Like many in my family, I’m an introvert.

    And I’m going to be meeting other bloggers. My guess? Some of them are introverts as well.

    So I’ll put on my best “performer hat” and be brave and strong. Or at least not too shy. I hope!

    But … most important in all this …???

    What the heck do I wear?! We musicians have a lot of black. More than you might imagine. But do I don the black when I’m not being a musician? It seems … well … sort of lame. So I’m going to attempt to not wear black. Even though I think the dusty rose blouse I have, so much more feminine than what I usually wear, makes me actually feel as if I look pretty nice. Still, if I can find something else and I can avoid the uniform color I’ll give it my best shot.

    Shoot, I even went shopping this morning and bought a sweater (I suspect a chill in SF) and shoes. Both brown. Not black.

    Daring of me, eh?

    Of course I might wimp out by this afternoon and don the black. It’s what I’m most comfortable in, after all. Time will tell.

    I hope I see some readers there! It would be great to put faces with blogs.

    I’ve just been invited, as a music blogger, to attend a San Francisco Symphony concert this Wednesday evening.

    So the answer is … Yes! I am excited!

    Here’s the program:

    Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet Fantasy-Overture
    R. Strauss Don Juan
    Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3

    I’ve performed R&J Overture about a million times. Or, well, a lot anyway. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to actually hear it! I’ve not listened to it without an English horn reed in my mouth for eons. (Hmmm. “Million” and “eons” … maybe I’m exaggerating a wee bit?) Don Juan is truly exciting to me. I played the work a few years back with Symphony Silicon Valley … and I played principal on that set too. That’s one wonderful oboe solo in that work. And then there’s Rachmaninoff. Lovely stuff, that.

    In addition, I’d be seeing the new associate conductor, James Gaffigan!

    The SF website says, “A program for the romantic at heart.”

    Well, yes. Romantic music. But is the story of Don Juan truly romantic? Um. He wasn’t really a nice guy … was he?

    I wonder; if someone tried to seduce a knowledgeable person with Strauss’s Don Juan should the “seductee” (is that even close to a word?) be insulted? Hmmm. 😉

    But anyway, back to the SFS and their wonderful invitation. I’m just too jazzed for words! (And yet I seem to be able to type away, don’t I?) Be ready for a SF Symphony blog entry, along with … drum roll please … pictures! (No, not while they are playing. But still, we will have pictures. Really.)

    Okay. Enough exclamation points. I’ve been told I use them too often. Go figure!!