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I’ve not done a student quote of the day in a LONG time. When my student gave me the answer he gave today, though, I laughed and said, “Oh you get to be my Student Quote of the Day!”

I only post these when a student makes me laugh or says something profound (yes, both happen). This student is a true joy to teach, and his very quick response to my question was fun.

Me: What does leggiero mean?
Timothy: It means to play with legs!

He also noted that he had both of his legs.

So thanks, Timothy, for making me laugh today. Thank you even more for being such a fine student … not only are you witty but you are a very good musician!

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me: So what time of day do you like to practice?”
he: “Oh ANY time of day!” … pause “Just not in the morning!”

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New! “Student Quote of the Day”

These probably won’t happen frequently, but when a student cracks me up I’ll post his or her comment (and tell them it’ll be here). I won’t use their names … unless, of course, they beg me!

So here’s #1:

I’ve had bad experiences with tempo primo.

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(This may not be true. I’ll have to listen to it when they put it online. But I’ve started a “Spoken Quote of the Day due to this. If I’m wrong I promise you I’ll correct myself!)

You literally grew up under his wing.

Said by Scott Simon to Marin Alsop (on Weekend Edition) regarding Leonard Bernstein

Did I really just hear that, or am I dreaming it?