Orlando Gibbons: Drop, drop, slow tears
True Voices Cape Town

(Side note: I had thought it was time to let Sunday music go, but I guess I’m just not quite ready to do that. So I will try to continue for now, but I have given up searching for women composers, and my format from now on will simply be to copy and paste whatever the YouTube pages has for the notes.)

Steal Away
Traditional Spiritual, arr. Patrick Dupré Quigley
Performed by The Utah State University Chorale
Danielle Casós, soloist
Jeremy Adriano, piano
Directed by Cory Evans

Video Credits
Camera: Logan Kelley
Video Editing: Cory Evans
Audio Engineering: John Carter, 13/8 Productions
Recorded in St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Hyde Park, Utah on March 10, 2021
Special thanks to Mary Garrett, Donald Fiesinger and everyone at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.

Yes, I posted another of this same song a short time ago, but I think it’s good for today.

Suzanne Toolan: I am the Bread of Life
This virtual choir cover is a collaboration between Harmony Choir, Unity Through Christ Choir, and the Thursday Club Choir, all resident choirs of Holy Family Catholic Church, Artesia, CA.

Patricia Van Ness: Birds of the Air
Capella Clausura; Amelia LeClair, Director

Cappella Clausura, Live at Lindsay Chapel, December 2017

Psalm 104 (Birds of the Air)
Beside your springs the birds of the air make their nests
And sing among the branches.

Sopranos: Adriana Repetto (soloist), Shannon Larkin, Janet Ross, Courtney Elf Rowe
Altos: Lisa Haldey, Teri Kowiak, Claire Shepro, Jennifer Webb
Tenors: Fausto Miro, Ethan Rowe, Peter Schilling, James Williamson
Basses: Thaddeus Bell, Lawson Daves, Anthony Garza, Will Prapestis
Director: Amelia LeClair


Ellen Gilson Voth: There is a River
Gethsemane Lutheran Church; Paul McKenzie, Director

Tiara Michelle Oberoi: Lacrimosa
Singers: Tiana Esther Oberoi, Ryan Joseph, Ria Bhatnagar, Anjali Pramod, and the composer herself, Tiara Michelle Oberoi

Patricia Van Ness: Psalm 17 Keep Me as the Apple of Your Eye
Cappella Clausura; Amelia LeClair, Director
Soli: Janet Ross, Shannon Larkin, Teri Kowiak, Fausto Miro, Peter Schilling, Will Prapestis, Anthony Garza

Patricia Van Ness: My Heart is a Holy Place
Ensemble from the Chancel Choir of Bellevue Presbyterian Church; Scott Dean, Director

(Finding virtual choir performances is getting more challenging, so from here on out I’ll not stick to that plan. In addition my women composers series might be fading out — sadly it’s not easy to find them online.)

Julia Perry: How Beautiful Are The Feet
Singers: Brooke Shelley, Anna Sandstrom, Josie Ryan, Janine Harris.
Organ: David Drury.
Conductor: Sam Allchurch

Carlotta Ferrari: O Felix Anima (Latin text by Hidegard von Bingen)