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Tickets, that is!

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… and then there are weeks. Last week was the latter. I’m experiencing so many emotions following a week with Symphony Silicon Valley.

(Note: yes, this is double posted — it’s also at the pattyo. I just figured it should be both places!)

I was SO excited and thrilled and proud of my friend Debbie for her fantastic bassoon soloing. I could never do what she did (of course I don’t play bassoon, so there’s that!). She played with such refinement and beauty, and truly did a fantastic job. BRAVA, Debbie! What a DELIGHT that was!

There was the joy of Beethoven. How can you beat something like the third symphony, after all?

My friend Pam played the oboe solos beautifully. Another friend, Carolyn, playing principal bassoon in Debbie’s stead for the concert and did great.

There was also a lot of pondering about how long I’ve been doing this, as I worked again with George Cleve. He was my first real conductor. 1975. SO many years ago! He reminded me that the first thing I played with him was An American in Paris. Ah, the memories and the joy of this crazy life of mine.

Of course there’s always the end of the season feelings. The saying goodbye to friends and colleagues.

I feel as if I live such an easy life compared to oh-so-many. I think I’m spoiled rotten, really.

And then, of course, I did go on walks last week. And I did see flowers. There are always flowers!








It’s a well-known concert hall ritual: The audience settles, the concertmaster enters, the oboe sounds a perfect “A” and the rest of the orchestra tunes in preparation for the concert to follow.

For decades, the Detroit Symphony has taken that “A” from Don Baker, who this Sunday afternoon will play his last concert in Orchestra Hall. After 41 years as principal oboist of the DSO, Baker is retiring.

In order of seniority, the remaining DSO veterans retiring at the end of this season are violist Cathy Compton (41 years), violinist Bruce Smith (39 years), trombonist Tanny Gurin (36 years), oboist Shelley Heron (29 years) and principal clarinetist Ted Oien (26 years).


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Mr. Scheinin liked it … as did the audiences. There was more cheering than I’ve heard in a long time at the end of the concerts!

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The BPO marks the passing of former Chief Conductor Claudio Abbado with a host of free material.
The Berlin Philharmonic have decided to mark the passing of their former Chief Conductor by making all of his concerts in their Digital Concert Hall free to view for anyone who cares to pay an online visit (yes, that’s the link to the Berlin page).


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The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra has a new principal oboe: Jelena Dirks of Chicago. She’ll join the SLSO at the start of the 2014-2015 season. She replaces Peter Bowman, who has been out with health problems, and will step down from the post at the end of this season.

Dirks, a native of San Diego, is a third-generation female professional musician. Her mother is now-retired Chicago Symphony Orchestra violist Karen Dirks; Jelena Dirks began piano at age 5 and still plays professionally. At 11, she took up the oboe as well.


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… and rather favorable, at that!

Richard Scheinin of the Mercury News

David Bratman of San Francisco Classical Voice

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You can hear Ravel’s Piano Concerto played by Gabriela Montero and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (second movement is near the 9:00 mark in case you are wondering and Monica Fosnaugh is playing.) if you go here.

The Program

Originally aired October 14, 2012

Venezuelan-American piano virtuosa Gabriela Montero performs Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G Major, and Music Director Leonard Slatkin leads the incomparable Boléro!

Leonard Slatkin conductor
Gabriela Montero piano

RAVEL: Piano Concerto in G major
RAVEL: Boléro

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Bank of America has initiated foreclosure proceedings against the Nashville Symphony.
According to a legal notice from the bank, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center is slated for a public auction June 28 at 11 a.m. on the steps of the Davidson County Courthouse.
The symphony has been negotiating with a bank group, led by Bank of America, concerning $102 million in debt tied to construction of the Schermerhorn.
The symphony’s board voted in April to not renew a letter of credit with Bank of America. The symphony still owes $82.3 million on the downtown concert hall.
The bank’s move doesn’t come as a surprise, coming a few days after Bank of America appointed a successor trustee for the symphony’s loan, typically a first step toward foreclosure.
The Nashville Symphony can file for bankruptcy protection at any point between now and the scheduled auction to halt the foreclosure sale.