Well, it appears that people are tweeting less and less about oboe, so I am going to give up this series. It’s been fun, but I can’t find nearly as much as I used to find and it takes far too much time to sort through what is mostly either unprintable, in a language I can’t decipher, or unrelated to oboe, even though I do the search on “oboe”.

Bye Bye, TQODs!

Oboe vacancies: Oboe Job – Hautbois solo – France ift.tt/1DXPWgr #oboejobs

if you ain’t playing oboe we don’t wanna play

It’s flawless, aside from the actress’s totally inaccurate oboe playing impression… she hasn’t got a bloody clue and IT WAS HER ONE JOB

… the reason I rarely watch tv and movies that are about musicians.

(Sometimes a Twitter Quote of the Day can also be an advertisement!)

Job, Brazil: Oboe – Category II – English Horn and Second Oboe, Brazilian Symphony Orchestra goo.gl/KsnMsY

Looking at the pdf list for repertoire … um … “Yvon Sonata for English horn and Piano” …? Something I don’t know. Below is the first movement.

I wasn’t made to play the oboe.

There’s nothing like a new feather for the oboe. Bahahaha #oboeidid

I’ve never like the sound of the Oboe. Dont like it being included in the orchestra. But I dont think I’m oboephobic?

I’ve been trying to pick up the piano, because girls dig it. No girl is like, “Wow he plays the oboe. That’s so sexy.”

From double-reed trauma to tuning issues… Oboists really do have it bad classfm.co/4KKvwn