I just don’t quite get it. As Dan said, “Someone on the advertising team must play timpani.” Or something.

(I still won’t shop K Mart despite this bizarre ad.)

Blues for D.D. by Jeffrey Agrell

Song Hyun Jung (Amy Song) is 16 years old now. I remember hearing her on YouTube when she was 13 and I was wowed back then. Brava!

Sadly I missed the video at 5:00 today, due to my teaching schedule, but I just realized that Indiana’s Jacobs School Of Music has the opera available to watch. Click this link and you’ll see the opera in a little link below. If you click that the video appears.

The overture begins at a speedier tempo than I’m used to. I notice, though, that the oboist manages to play her solo slightly slower. We are doing it in a subdivided three, so it’s slower. I’m happy about that.

If I could recommend one thing to young oboists it would be to learn how to double tongue!

Okay. Maybe that’s not true. I might recommend something else. But trust me when I saw that no matter how fast your tongue is as a younger player, it will slow down. Really.

Anyway, I will continue to listen until I need to get to bed … so far I’m really enjoying their performance! What fine students! And they have the subtitles for us too. Wonderful!

(Please remember these are students … I’m hearing some voices that might not be quite ready for prime time, but they are young.)

I’ve not visited their site for quite some time. Looks like pop folks come and sing with them. How cool is that?

I LOVE watching them feel the words. It just hits my heart in one huge wonderful way.

Watch. Please. Trust me on this.

These kids are just great … and at 1:30?! Well, YESSSS!!!

… I’m not opposed to music other than “classical”. I like music. I love music. I especially love music that is done well.

I also love rain, thunder and lightening. :-)

… or is it King of the Oboe? Hmm.

Great fun!

W.A. Mozart
“Die Zauberflote”, K. 620
“Queen of the Night” aria – arrangement for 2 oboes
Eugene Izotov – Oboes 1 & 2

Really now …

I guess I just need to have a fun morning. This is helping. BEST use of reed shavings EVER.

I even recognized some of the pop stars. Of course the ones I know are the older folks. Go figure. But hey, this is fun!

Find out more at www.bbc.co.uk/music
The Beach Boys’ masterpiece God Only Knows remade with the help of a few friends to celebrate the launch of BBC Music.
See who’s who in the video: bbc.in/1vUMGLp