Hmm. I’m not so sure about this …

Duo No.IV by W.F. Bach

I always love finding videos that include people I know! Enjoy!

Oboe: Adrienne Malley
Flute: Tomiko Tsai

… I think! ;-)

I’m not sure what the title has to do with the song, but it just caught my attention, and when someone put a video to it I just had to share. Just because. :-)

I have always loved playing this work. The second movement always tugs at my heart. I was delighted to find a new YouTube video that includes Adrienne Malley on oboe: she is not only a fine player, but a very fun person to work with.

Bravi tutti!

Madeleine Dring: Trio for flute, oboe, and piano

Frequency 49:
Carmen Lemoine, flute
Adrienne Malley, oboe
Margaret Halbig, piano

Recorded Live at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music on July 21, 2014

I love the subway system. I love that one can go nearly everywhere using public transpiration in this city. I can’t say I have learned anything about where I am, since we are usually underground (we do get to go up on the Manhattan bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan … everyone pulls out cell phones at that point because you can actually communicate and check email then).

One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that so many people look weary and sad on trains. There is very little eye contact. One would think no one liked life or trusted a soul. Of course it’s sort of that way, too, in an elevator, and when we are commuting by car we don’t even think about this since we don’t make eye contact with anyone (well, there IS road rage ….).

In any case, when I saw this video it made me smile, as it made the few non-cast members in the train smile a little bit.

… and how many musical puns and references can one use?


… and how typical that she’s a bit of a perfectionist. Yep. Never completely happy. That’s the life!

Looks like the sections all make videos, which is pretty darn cool! Here are the woodwinds …

FLUTE (Ane we get to see Annie Wu!)




But, well, I like the cello one the best. :-)

But you know what?! Mostly I’m just so moved by seeing these excellent young musicians. It makes my heart happy. To see them all go here

I found it difficult to read the text, but I enjoyed this video. K. Ge sent me a few reeds some time ago, and I thought they were pretty fine for machine made reeds, but didn’t quite suit my embouchure. I pulled one out yesterday that I hadn’t used and gave it to a student and she really liked it a lot. Funny how that goes! This is why I rarely toss reeds that don’t work for me: they might be just right for someone else.

A really informative video … and so true about our solos!