This is so much fun! Bravo!

W.A.MOZART: Don Giovanni
“Fin Ch’han Dal Vino”
Arrangement for 2 oboes
Eugene Izotov (oboes 1 & 2)

The Marriage of Film and Music on an Epic Scale

Direct from New York’s Lincoln Center engagement, the complete film trilogy will be presented live, with Symphony Silicon Valley, and featuring Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale and Cantabile Youth Singers. This is the first time an American orchestra has performed these epic works.

Beneath a giant 48 foot screen presented in HD, the Academy Award-winning scores by Howard Shore will be performed by 250 musicians, on stage, including symphony orchestra, chorus and soloists.

Purchase your tickets here!

I first featured Song HyungJung back in 2011. She was then thirteen. Last November I shared Blues for D.D. from a recent video upload, and here she is in the same recital with a bit of Piazzolla.

Piazzolla Etude for Flute

And YES … listen to recordings. Understand the context. This goes with any work! I remember sitting on an audition panel for an opera audition: it was clear a few people had never listened to the excerpt played in context. It was accurate, but not at all what is done with the singer(s) and an orchestra.

Le Tombeau de Couperin: Prelude
Eugene Izotov, Oboe

Doesn’t he make it sound easy?

It’s not. At least not for me. But then I play the English horn part on this. Whew!

Symphony Silicon Valley starts up today, and we’ll be playing a whole lot of Shostakovich:

  • Dmitri Shostakovich: Suite for Jazz Orchestra No. 1
  • Dmitri Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major
  • Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5 in D minor

I look forward to working with Tatsuya Shimono again. I’ve really enjoyed him.

It’s been a long time, it seems, since I’ve been on stage. Time to get my stage legs back again!

Speaking of a long time … this video above is from 1979. The year I graduated from college. I remember seeing and hearing New York Philharmonic at the Concord Pavilion with Dan and a few other friends that same year (June 16, 1979). We heard Mahler 1 then, not Shostakovich. I’m guessing, though, that many of these same musicians were on stage. I was so clueless about names back then — I was too busy enjoying being with my boyfriend. Now I look and see Joe Robinson, Julius Baker, Stanley Drucker … I hadn’t a clue who was up there. Man, I was clueless!

It’s quite cool to see that NYPhil has digital archives and I can find all the info from that, along with programs that enable us to peruse. The program for the concert we attended had an section about Inglenook Wines and the Concord Pavilion and included this shot. I certainly recognize Roy Malan … who are the others. Anyone?

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.59.30 AM

This really hit my heart; I hope you enjoy it too. (Janet Kroeker, I think especially think of you after your kind words yesterday!) Funny how I’d never thought about the lyrics and the fading of love before. I guess I’m just that slow.

The Water is Wide
The Singers; Matthew Culloton; Conductor

Matthew Culloton conducts René Clausen’s arrangement of ths American Folk song. Laura Sewell, cello; Melissa Morey, horn; Jennifer Gerth, clarinet; Steve Swanson, piano.

Name those tunes …

But wait … the Cimarosa on clarinet? Is that fair? I mean they get BRAHMS, for Pete’s sake! ;-)

Sinfini TV, March 2015

… Eight OBOES, that is!

Many thanks to Erin Hannigan for posting this on YouTube and giving me permission to post it here. Kudos to the oboists, and especially to Erin for her animal-saving ways. This was from an Artists for Animals Event, hosted by Operation Kindness.

More about Erin:

We open tonight … exciting times! (Nervous, too.)