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I just can’t resist posting one more before I had off to bed!

Mozart – The Marriage of Figaro Overture for & English Horn
Arr. Andrey Rubtsov

Sophya Belyaeva (oboe)
Olga Gotovtseva (oboe)
Svetlana Usacheva (oboe)
Anna Borisova (English Horn)

Because this is fun! (I love playing these with my students, although we don’t take this tempo and we don’t end it quite that way!)

G. P. Telemann – Canonic Sonata G-dur 3 mov

Olga Smirnova (oboe)
Svetlana Usacheva (oboe)

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And it can be from the comfort of your own home? I’m a fan of Christina Pluhar and L’Arpeggiata, with many thanks to a friend for introducing me (Thanks Edie!) I was happy to land here today:

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No words necessary:

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I love Ravel’s Le tombeau de Couperin, and playing the second oboe/English horn part is truly a delight, and a whole lot less stressful than that tricky first oboe part!

These young players sure do a fine job! Kudos especially to oboist Juan Manuel García-Cano!

From the YouTube page (you can probably do the translating thing, yes?):
Le tombeau de Couperin. Ravel. Orquesta de Cámara SONY de la Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía de Madrid. Director/Conductor: JAIME MARTÍN. Primer oboe/First oboe: Juan Manuel García-Cano. Junio/June 2011.
Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid. Sála de Cámara/Chamber Music Hall.

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Caroline Shaw’s “So Quietly” (I’m unable to locate the text, so perhaps it’s Shaw’s own?)

Again, by the very talented Brooklyn Youth Chorus. I don’t see a conductor listed, but I’m thinking this might be Dianne Berkun Menaker, just from glancing at their site.

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This is the very talented and adventurous Brooklyn Youth Chorus singing Nico Myhly’s “Advice to a Young Woman”. I have yet to find the full text available, but I know it’s from The lady’s new-years gift, or, Advice to a daughter by George Saville, Marquie of Halifax (1633-1695).

Below I include any of the text I located via his writing that I can hear or see on the video. I copied it completely, although Muhly may have deleted a few words here and there.

…it must engage you to have a perpetual watch upon your eyes, and to remember that one careless glance giveth more advantage than a hundred words not enough considered; the language of the eyes being very much the most significant, and the most observed.

It is better for a woman never to dance becasue she hat no skill in it, than to do it often, because she doth it well.

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(I can’t stay up on skates to save my life!)

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… because my heart needs it.

I recommend turning up the sound.

The fruit of Silence is prayer.
The fruit of Prayer is faith.
The fruit of Faith is love.
The fruit of Love is service.
The fruit of Service is peace.

—Mother Teresa

Latvian Radio Choir; Sinfonietta Riga; Sigvards Maple, Conductor
Riga Dome Cathedral

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Everyone knows I love choral music if they visit this page. I can’t help myself … the human voice is an amazing thing. I’m envious of those with beautiful voices.

This choir is a local group and I think they do a beautiful job with this Appalachian hymn. What a lovely way to begin my morning, before the Saturday morning students start arriving.

Bright Morning Stars, arranged by Shawn Kirchner
The Choral Project; Daniel Hughes, Conductor; Jason Brittsan, Soloist