… to not be a hater:

In addition to oboe, Colin also plays clarinet, English horn, violin, five-string banjo, acoustic/ electric bass, piano, saxophone, flute, guitar and harmonica.

Now normally I kind of roll my eyes and laugh when I read things like this. Or I merely add a few words (“…but none well at all.”) to the sentence. Because I’m just that much of a skeptic.

But this guy? This guy is a member of Quartetto Gelato.

I’ve posted this before, but it’s probably worth another look and listen:

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… but I think Mozart would just love this. If you’ve read his letters you know all about his potty humor!

As Spiegel Online reports, the German waste-facility’s owners believe the music, coupled with more oxygen, will make their microbes eat biosolids more efficiently, saving money and leaving less residual waste. Their idea comes from the German firm Mundus, headquartered in Wiesenburg, whose founder cites Mozart’s “very good effect on people.”

It’s fairly easy to poo-poo this experiment, especially given other wildly-marketed but later refuted claims attributed to the man’s music. Many of these Mozart miracles first surfaced after Frances Rauscher at the University of California, Irvine questioned in a 1993 paper (pdf) in Nature if listening to classical music could increase adolescent performance on IQ tests. Though Rauscher found that the music did seem to increase performance, later studies showed no effect.

I read it here.

Spiegel article.

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Sydney Opera House will be reaching out to an entirely new audience demographic next month when it stages a musical event aimed at canine listeners.

The performance, which will take place on the northern boardwalk outside the venue, is the work of New York wife and husband team Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed.

The music stems from works that Anderson has been writing over the last 11 years for her rat terrier named Lollabelle. Most of the pitches will be too high for the dogs’ owners to hear, but they will be able to monitor the sounds on meters and, as Anderson points out, they will also be able to see their dog’s ears twitching.

Attention spans are quite short in the dog world, it seems, and the concert will last only 20 minutes.

And what sort of audience response is Anderson expecting? “We won’t be playing any sudden noises…We don’t want them to get super-excited. But it’s OK with me if they run in circles. They can express themselves and make a little mosh pit if they feel like it.”

I read it here.


And yes, that is “the” Laurie Anderson (and yes, I like her):

I received an email about a new 90 CD boxed set of Yo-Yo Ma recordings:


I think they want me to promote this. But they didn’t offer to send it to me for review. Gee, I wonder why.

Of course I could order it from Amazon. (But I’m not going to.)

Here’s a video you can enjoy. It’s free.

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But really … maybe the guy was just too darn warm?! Now I’m usually cold in a plane, but I suppose some people might not be like I am. (Although I can hardly imagine!)

She said the man was “completely naked” as he was taken in handcuffs off the plane.

As the plane took off again, Keegan said the usual announcement to please fasten your seat belts came over the loudspeakers with a twist.

The message included “a reminder to everybody to please keep your clothing on. It got a couple chuckles,” Keegan said.

I read it here, thanks to my sister sending me the link. 🙂

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He reigned for about forty years. During that time he ate in all of the finest restaurants and slept in the finest hotels for free — because he was the Emperor. He had three seats permanently reserved in the front row of the San Francisco opera house — one for him, and one each for his two dogs.

This is about self-proclaimed “Emperor Norton”, whom I’d never heard of. But what do I know, as I’m not from The City?

But before I place a link here, anyone know if this is true?

Found over at the OC (Opera Chic):

The Hamilton City Council has deemed its latest scheme to reduce alcohol-related crime in the CBD as a resounding success.

Nightclubs are playing classical music like Mozart and Andy Williams around closing time as a way of dispersing the crowds.

Inner city streets have also been closed as a way of preventing cars hitting pedestrians.

Hamilton Mayor Bob Simcock says the behaviour has improved greatly since the trial started.

Yes, indeed. Sometimes I’m yearning for a little classical music and I think to myself, “Mozart or Andy Williams? Mozart or Andy Williams? Mozart or Andy Williams??” It’s a tough call and I never know who will win.

You can read it too.

… and absolutely nothing to do with music. But I’m sorry, I can’t resist.

“I keep thinking how could I have not known it was there?” Miss Hawkins said. “I will certainly be checking my bras every morning from now on.”

Um, Well. Okay then.

I read it here. You should read it too.

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… and you still might not believe it. Really.

A story about a performance of Carmen. This story had me checking my calendar to see if it was April 1. Or maybe there are other days where people get to tell whoppers? Hmmm.

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    ICK. This sounds like the worst job ever.

    Can it really be true?

    And then there’s this:

    Maestro Bátiz holds some major political power; his dynamic personality attracts it like a magnet. For a short while, the mayor of Mexico City even appointed him as an honorary Chief of Police. When an oboist in his orchestra tried to take an audition for a different orchestra, Bátiz had the oboist arrested and thrown in jail so he would miss the audition.

    Wow. Amazing.