FALL 2013
If you are interested in oboe lessons at UCSC please email me as soon as possible at pmitchel [at] ucsc [dot] edu. If you already have your class schedule for the quarter send that my way so I can see how to work with your schedule and mine. I teach one day a week, as early as 9:00 and up until 1:00. I work with all students’ schedules to see what day is best for everyone.

Planning on attending UCSC next year? Thinking of a music major? Drop me a line and I can fill you in. Because I’m currently on a leave of absence I am unable to meet with prospective students on the campus.

Yes, we do offer music scholarships. If you are interested in attending UCSC please send a CD to the music office so we may review it before January of the year prior to your attendance. (If you don’t make this deadline you can still send it and I’ll see what I can do.) Have two works of different styles. Accompaniment isn’t necessary, but if you prefer to use an accompanist it is acceptable.

Photo by Patricia Emerson Mitchell

Who can resist a view like this?!

I teach music majors, and if my schedule allows I teach the more advanced non-major, pending office approval. In order to take lessons you must be enrolled as an oboist in a major performing group.

Please Read:
You do not receive an automatic A for oboe lessons. This is college; I expect you to come prepared, and I expect you to work. If I assign written work it will figure in to your grade.

All students may feel free to email me any time at pmitchel [at] uscs [dot] edu. If I don’t respond within 48 hours you can bet I never received your message; I usually respond within 12 hours. My cell phone number is (408) 806-3313. Please call or email if you will be late to a lesson.