Giorgio Susana; Jesu dulcedo cordium
The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo; Ko Matsushita, Conductor

Matthew Lyon Hazzard: Requiem Aeternam
The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo; Ko Matsushita, Conductor

Daniel Schreiner: Fear Not
Central Washington University Chamber Choir

Ola Gjeilo: Sanctus
Central Washington University Chamber Choir; Gary Weidenaar, Director

Paul Mealor: Love’s as warm as tears
Westminster Williamson Voices; James Jordan, Conductor; Hunter Thomas, Tenor Soloist

Love’s as warm as tears,
Love is tears:
Pressure within the brain,
Tension at the throat,
Deluge, weeks of rain,
Haystacks afloat,
Featureless seas between hedges,
Where once was green,

Love’s as fierce as fire,
Love is fire:
All sorts infernal hear, and pride,
Lyric desire, when denied,
And that empty flame,
Whence all loves came.

Love’s as fresh as spring, Love is spring.
Love’s as hard as nails, Love is nails.

Blunt, thick, hammered through the medial nerves of One
Who, having made us knew The thing
He had done,
Seeing (with all that is)
Our Cross,
And His.

– C.S. Lewis

Paul Mealor: Ubi caritas
Sam Houston State University Chorale; Dr. James Franklin, Conductor

James Rose is used to being underestimated. “Until the age of 11, I was in a special school, and then I asked my parents to move me into a mainstream one because I was getting bored,” he tells me. “I was being given work aimed at five- and six-year-olds.”


Ilyas Iliya: Avoonan dbishmayya (“Lord’s Prayer”)
CORO Vocal Artists; Matthew Oltman, Conductor

William Billings: David’s Lamentation
Fog City Singers

Vaughan Williams; I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
Chant Claire Chamber Choir; Benjamin Bedroske, Director