And is it here now?

No live audience. Everyone distanced. One on a part strings. But still it’s quite beautiful.

I do wonder about those playing strings that must have opted for no mask.

From the YouTube page:
Join members of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and its music director, Dirk Kaftan, for a special “pandemic version” of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6, the “Pastoral.” This new orchestration of the Pastoral was arranged according to social distancing guidelines aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19, which meant that only some members of the orchestra could play together. In addition, the brass and woodwinds section was actually positioned outside the building where recording took place, and watched Maestro Kaftan conducting on a large video monitor.

The Beethoven Orchestra Bonn had a busy year of concerts planned to mark the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth – concerts that had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. This performance was the first time that the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and Dirk Kaftan had been able to meet since the pandemic hit, and it was a very special and moving experience for all of them.

The location where they performed is also special: La Redoute, a sumptuous 18-century hall built for royal balls. Ludwig van Beethoven himself performed there, and it’s said to be where he met Joseph Haydn, who encouraged him to move to Vienna.

Speaking about this performance, Dirk Kaftan said, “Music is not only connected to the time in which it’s composed, but also to the time in which it’s performed.” And indeed, this special concert is very much a direct response to, and a reflection of, the time in which it was performed.
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Peter C. Lutkin: The Lord Bless You and Keep You
St. Laurence Catholic Church Choir

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How about we welcome the new day with this lovely work?

John David: You are the New Day, arr. Peter Knight
The King’s Singers

We really don’t know what the coming months will bring. Many of us — perhaps all? — are rather certain there will be no concert halls full of listeners and a stage of musicians. Until there is a vaccine it is hard to imagine that we can possibly go back to “normal”. Some wonder if the old “normal” can ever return. It’s difficult to say. At the moment we are forbidden to be on stage, and that’s as it should be.

But no one can stop the music!

When live in-person concerts stopped musicians immediately started to post the “virtual” videos — performers each recording their part (or parts in some instances) and someone (or someones) would put it all together: it’s a very time consuming job, but the end results can be quite glorious, as you’ve seen here at oboeinsight.

And now there are occasionally the small groups. A reduced orchestra on stage, everyone six feet or more apart. Sometimes with a conductor, sometimes not. Still no audiences.

But THIS … a quartet. Still separated by space. With no audience. But oh the music making! If this is what we have to have for a while, I can live with it. SUCH beauty! (But if you’ve never heard the full orchestra version of the Adagietto you have missed something incredible, so do search it out.)

Mahler: Adagietto (from the Fifth Symphony)
The Alma Quartet

Followed by more Mahler, including Nino Gvetadze on piano … please do listen!

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I see some faces here I haven’t seen for oh-so-long. What a delight! Oakland Symphony presents “Lean On Me”:

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… as does my listening. This is beautiful.

Trad. English Melody/arr. G. Winston Cassler (1906-1990)
St. Olaf Orchestra; Steven Amundson, Conductor

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because it’s lovely …

Stellenbosch University Choir

Two Afrikaans Songs
Arranged by André van der Merwe

Die Gang – Christopher Torr
(Publisher: Christopher Torr Music)
As performed by Laurika Rauch
Klein Tambotieboom – Die Heuwels Fantasties

Sound Engineer: Dr Gerhard Roux
Video Production: Regardt Visser
Choir Management: US Woordfees –

English Translation:

DIE GANG (The Corridor):
In the dark corridor I saw a light, but the flame was delicate and frail.
I yearned for springtime on my uncle’s farm without electricity.
My aunt said, “My child, my child, love and moths are blind.”
The flame is delicate and frail, and like a thief it can disappear in the night.
Deep within the corridor I yearned for something.
The wind was singing that spring would bring love.
I could hear the day withering – it was only the sun disappearing.
And as certain as the earth that turns, a cock would crow again.
One evening the night turned to day as the storm erupted with all its force.
And I hid in the corridor, because I was afraid of the electricity.

KLEIN TAMBOTIEBOOM (a farm in the Limpopo Province of South Africa):
When the shadows come to fetch me, and when the good Lord does not look out for me,
when the ozone layer perishes
and falls into a chandelier of stars,
lay my heart to rest in Klein Tambotieboom and scatter my ashes across the Bushveld horizon.

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Pepper Choplin: We are not alone

I have the privilege of working with The SymphoNYChorus of New York, New York, and The New West Symphony & Chorus of Calgary, Alberta. My good friend Henric Ideström conducts them both, and I have recorded albums for both groups. In this time of self isolation, we brought together 70 singers from both groups

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I started watching this and immediately recognized the conductor. Andrew Whitfield was the assistant conductor and chorus master with Opera San Jose for a number of years. I also recognize a few singers, again some being with Opera San Jose in the past.

This is lovely.

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This is great!

2020 Yale Oboe Studio and Alumni Postcard from Confinement (Includes instructor Steve Taylor as well as Aaron Hill, but I have no other names at the moment. I’ll update this if I get them.)