This touched my heart.

From the YouTube Page:
Here is an extraordinary performance of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by the brave men and women from NHS in honor of the Llandudno’s Venu Cymru, which has been turned into a temporary coronavirus hospital. During this process, the facility has been renamed to Ysbyty Enfys, which is Welsh for Rainbow Hospital, as a symbol for hope.

(The singing begins at about 1:52 if you want to start there. Then again, maybe you want to hear the well wishes. Some in English, some in Welsh.)

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Billy Joel’s And So It Goes, arranged by Bob Chilcott, is beautifully done here by The King’s Singers and 732 members of the “Stay At Home Choir”.

Gorgeous! And the signing … well … something about sign language hits my heart. It’s just so beautiful.

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I can’t get enough of these two … they are so musical!

Langston Hughes wrote: “To make words sing is a wonderful thing, Because in a song words last so long.”

The following poem by Langston Hughes was originally entitled, “Prayer.” John Musto’s song (even in this slightly abbreviated version) gives a resounding recognition that individual struggles are shared and felt by us all.

Gather up
In the arms of your pity
The sick, the depraved,
The desperate, the tired,
All the scum
Of our weary city

Gather up
In the arms of your pity.
Gather up
in the arms of your love—
Those who expect
No love from above.

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Unable to practice and perform together during the COVID-19 social distancing, the Salt Lake Symphonic Choir presents Somewhere Over the Rainbow, performed as a virtual choir. Each member recorded their own part separately as audio and video in their own home, and the full performance was stitched together digitally, with the intent to bring hope to the world.

Music arranged by the choir’s own Adam Holladay.

Visit our website for more information –

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This is beautiful!

From the San Francisco Symphony YouTube page:
Associate Principal Oboe James Button captures magic in this home performance of an Albinoni concerto, transcribed by James for oboes, English horn, & heckelphone.

This piece was a favorite on the 1st oboe CD he purchased when he was 12 years old. “I must have listened to that CD a thousand times that year and always wanted to perform it, so I decided why not now.”

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This is really fantastic. Please watch and listen to the whole thing.

Music and words: Richard Barnard
Soprano: Elizabeth Karani
Piano: Edmund Whitehead
(With thanks to Thomas Atkins for cameo appearance)

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I have been loving all the “virtual videos” but this one … well … it’s the tops! Put together by Félix Turrión Eichler, you’ll see an amazing number of double reed players. Bravo, Félix, and bravi tutti to all participants! (And many thanks to Anne Krabill, who brought this to my attention via Facebook.)

From Félix Turrión Eichler:
I am deeply grateful for the heartwarming engagement of all these wonderful musicians. Un tout grand merci! Stay safe.

No one to talk with, all by ourselves,
No one to walk with, but we’re happy on the shelf.
Ain’t misbehavin’ we’re staying home for you, for you, for you, for you!

We know for certain, the quarantine
Is our best shot, to slow down COVID-19.
Ain’t misbehavin’
Washin’ both my hands for you.

All those doctors, and those nurses
Live a nightmare, for our healthcare!
Their treatments are worth waitin’ for, believe me…

As oboe players, what can we do?
Just send our prayers to all those who have this flu.
Ain’t misbehavin’
Playin’ from our homes for you.

Philippe Tondre
Eugene Izotov
Rixon Thomas
Qing Lin
Diana Doherty
Emmanuel Teutsch
Philippe Gonzalez
Fabrice Mélinon
Mai Yasuhara
Chiharu Yamada
Davinia Suárez
Aleksandr Bykov
Félix Turrión Eichler

Cor Anglais:
Martin Frutiger
Anne-Catherine Bouvet-Bitsch
Seung-Kyung Lee-Blondel
Francisco Rodríguez
Enrico Paolucci
Khrystyna Korchynska
Luís Matos
Roby Stoos

Baritone Oboe: Olivier Germani
Bassoon: Inès Pyziak
Contrabassoon: Stéphane Gautier Chevreux
Drums: Pedro Gonzalez
Voice: Félix Turrión Eichler

but oh my heart! I know someone who is saying goodbye to this world at the moment. I think of him and the one he loves. Life can be hard. Music can sometimes be a comfort, or at least help us weep.

Here is the text and then google translation of the YouTube Page:

Het NPO Radio 4 Virtueel Bevrijdingskoor: meer dan 300 zangers zingen het Largo uit de Negende symfonie ‘Uit de Nieuwe Wereld’ van Antonín Dvo?ák.

Tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog klonk deze muziek in een Japans vrouwenkamp op Sumatra. De gevangenen herinnerden zich klassieke muziekstukken, maar hadden geen muziekinstrumenten tot hun beschikking. Ze besloten de orkestmuziek te gaan zingen, zonder woorden. De muziek bood de vrouwen troost en kracht om te overleven.

In het kader van 75 jaar bevrijding heeft NPO Radio 4 een vierstemmig vocaal arrangement laten maken van Dvo?áks De Nieuwe Wereld. Het arrangement is gemaakt door Wijnand van Klaveren, gebaseerd op de versie die Margaret Dryburgh en Norah Chambers in het kamp maakten.

Meer dan 300 zangers hebben thuis hun partij opgenomen en ingestuurd. Samen met het Groot Omroepkoor (een opname van vóór de coronacrisis) vormen zij het NPO Radio 4 Virtueel Bevrijdingskoor.

The NPO Radio 4 Virtual Liberation Choir: more than 300 singers sing the Largo from the Ninth symphony ‘From the New World’ by Antonín Dvo?ák.

During World War II, this music was played in a Japanese women’s camp in Sumatra. The prisoners remembered classical music, but had no musical instruments at their disposal. They decided to sing the orchestral music without words. The music provided the women with comfort and strength to survive.

In the context of 75 years of liberation, NPO Radio 4 had a four-part vocal arrangement made by Dvo?áks De Nieuwe Wereld. The arrangement was made by Wijnand van Klaveren, based on the version that Margaret Dryburgh and Norah Chambers made in the camp.

More than 300 singers have recorded and submitted their part at home. Together with the Groot Omroepkoor (a recording from before the corona crisis) they form the NPO Radio 4 Virtual Liberation Choir.

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There is some music that just hits one in the gut. Mahler does this a lot — at least to me.

Here is the New York Philharmonic brass, plus contrabassoon and percussion. Enjoy.