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I sure wish I could find a video that actually shows Bob Cooper playing, but so far I’ve only located some with him on sax. Oh well!

From “Flute ‘n Oboe” (1956)

Bud Shank – Flute
Bob Cooper – Oboe
Howard Roberts – Guitar
Don Prell – Bass
Chuck Flores – Drums
String Quartet

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Why can’t a violinist or oboe player move into the neighborhood. Why does it always have to be a drummer?

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I don’t care for R K’s Scheherazade either. I know, I know, we aren’t supposed to say stuff like that. But I didn’t say it. I wrote it So there you go!

You can get some insight into what we play in the work, and the oboist/English hornist, Karen Birch Blundell, also talks about the challenge of playing both instruments in one work. (Whenever we’ve done it in the past we’ve used three players. I don’t know what the next performance of this will bring for me, since we do things differently these days.)

I hadn’t seen her videos before, so this is a fun new discovery for me. What a great idea … I’m not sure I have the nerve to put any up, though. I know how brutal YouTube commentees can be. Yikes!

The following video is a “meet the oboist and oboe” video:

(Psst. I’m playing an oboe I’ve had since 1988. I don’t really go with the “blown out” theory, but I know I’m in the minority on that one.)