Thomas Tallis: If Ye Love Me
The Gesualdo Six

René Clausen: Prayer
Oasis Chorale; Wendell Nisly, Conductor

Text: The Prayer of Mother Teresa
Music: René Clausen

Help me spread Your fragrance
wherever I go.
Flood my soul with Your spirit and life.
Penetrate and possess my whole being
so utterly that my life may
be only a radiance of Yours.

Shine through me, and be so in me
that every soul I know
will feel Your presence in my soul.
Let them look up and see no longer me,
but only You. Amen

Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, Kansas on July 15, 2018.
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Paul Mealor: Locus Iste
Tenebrae; Paul Mealor, Conductor

Ndikhokhele Bawo, Traditional isiXhosa, arr. by Michael Barrett
Oasis Chorale

(Sung in Xhosa)

Ndikhokhele Bawo
(He paid for me, my Father)
Ndikhokhele Mmeli wami
(He paid for me by representing me)

Zalomhlaba Bawo
(While on earth, my Father)
(I implore you to lead me.)
(During times of sorrow/strife)

Bawo, ndiya bonga ngoba wena
(Father, I thank You because You)
Usandi gcinile
(Will always keep me safe)
Hlal’ Uhlele duze kwami
(You are always standing nearby)

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It sure does look like François Leleux is having fun playing this encore of a Mozart aria with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.

John Sheppard: Libera nos I
San Diego Pro Arte Voices; Patrick Walders, Director

John Sheppard: Libera nos, salva nos II
Gesualdo Six

It’s about the accuracy and the clarity. Yes, Trevor Mowry can play quickly. But if he hadn’t also played all of this cleanly one would just think, “Slow down!” This is something I frequently have to say to my students: I care much more about musicality and accuracy than I do about speed. Play it slow first. Get it right. Get rid of glitches.

Then work on speed.


Bravo, Mr. Mowry. I’m in awe. Clearly accuracy AND speed are no issue for you!

(Hat tip to Robert Hubbard, who sent out the link.)

This is a set of challenging pieces for unaccompanied oboe inspired by the following French paintings:

I. Hôtel des Roches noires à Trouville (Claude Monet 1870)
II. Potager et arbres en fleurs – Printemps, Pontoise (Camille Pissarro 1877) 4:16
III. Boulevard des Capucines (Claude Monet 1873) 7:25
IV. Sentier dans les bois (Auguste Renoir 1874) 9:15
V. Scène de plage – Ciel d’orage (Eugène Boudin 1864) 11:43
VI. Le ballet espagnol (Edouard Manet 1862) 12:55

Each movement was recorded as a single take. The only edits are in between movements. Recording engineer: Alan Wonneberger

… but I confess I really don’t think I could manage to move around and play oboe very well. I’m a clumsy sort.

Dmitri Shostakovich: Waltz No. 2
Clarion Wind Quintet

“Night at the Theater” program feature

Eg?ls Š?fers, clarinet
David M.A.P. Palmquist, horn
Niels Anders Vedsten Larsen, bassoon

(I’d like my students to watch the oboist fingers … nice and close to the keys. I like that.)

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina; Sicut lilium inter spinas
scatola di voce