Orlando Gibbons: O Clap Your Hands

I just received news that Henry Mollicone has died. Such sad news. I worked with Henry when he conducted musicals in San Jose (I think at that point the group was called American Musical Theater of San Jose but I’m not positive). I also had to joy of hearing his wonderful compositions, both with Opera San Jose and with San Jose Chamber Orchestra. I read that he was in the process of writing a new opera, and I do hope it will be completed.

And here is a documentary on his opera “The Face on the Barroom Floor”

When San Jose Symphony failed, Andrew Bales came to the rescue of the musicians in the orchestra. He formed Symphony Silicon Valley (now renamed to Symphony San Jose). We didn’t have as much work, and we didn’t have a resident conductor, but we HAD work, and I’m forever grateful. He added the movie series (a live orchestra playing the soundtrack while the movie played on the big screen), which included the Lord of the Rings trilogy — surely that weekend is one I’ll never forget! He scheduled weeks of “kiddie concerts” (and I even have a photo of him helping them cross the street to get to the theater). He did the Summer Pops concerts at San Jose State University. And when Covid struck he did what he could to provide income for us.

And now we enter a new era.

Andrew is leaving at the end of this season, and it is now announced that Robert Massey has been appointed as the new general director. I look forward to seeing what he will bring to our orchestra. I’m sure there will be changes, as there usually are and should be when a new GD takes the reins.

Here is an article about the appointment (I must say it is odd that Tito Muñoz is featured at the top of the article and Robert Massey is a smaller image below that, so he is pictured here for you, nice and large … you’re welcome. ?). Sadly the Mercury News hasn’t published a word. (But they also didn’t publish a review of last weekend’s concerts. It appears we don’t exist in their eyes.)

Update: NOW there is a Merc article.

So welcome, Robert Massey, and thank you, Andrew Bales, for all you’ve done!

Mendelssohn: Laudate Pueri
Maîtrise of Radio France; Sofi Jeanin, Conductor

Praise, o children, the Lord:
praise the Lord’s name.
Blessed be the name of the Lord,
from this time forth and for evermore.

Mouton: Salva nos, Domine
The Gesualdo Six and the Choristers of the Schola Cantorum of Tewkesbury Abbey

Salva nos domine vigilantes,
custodi nos dormientes,
ut vigilemus cum Christo,
et requiescamus in pace.

Save us, O Lord, waking,
and guard us sleeping,
that we may watch with Christ,
and rest in peace.

Althea Talbot-Howard: Troparion (Christos Anesti)

Today is Orthodox Easter, so this seems pretty appropriate! No, no choir today. But I think this will do … don’t you?!

From the YouTube page:
This piece incorporates the Greek Orthodox Paschal (Easter) chant in the Dorian mode as its A1 and A2 sections, complemented by original material in the B1 & B2 sections.

It is dedicated to ‘Shiloh’, which is a prophetic name of Christ from Jacob’s prophecy of the future in Genesis 49:10…
“The sceptre will not depart from Judah,
nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet,
until [Shiloh] comes,
and the obedience of the nations is his.”

This performance was given with Dominic Saunders at West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge, on 4 August 2019.

The sheet music can be purchased via my website (www.althea-composer.com). Please send a message via the Contact Page.

Althea is playing a Mollenhauer Modern Alto (Treble) Recorder in Pearwood, with an E-extension bottom joint.

In searching on Radu Lupu (trying to find out when he played with us, as I’m sure he did more than the 1975/76 season) I ran across a program that shows our entire 75/76 season. It was quite the year, and one that caused some audience members to not return: we played music that was just too darn modern for them!

It’s not easy to read, but here is our season. MY FIRST!

And yes, my first year included the English horn solo on Three Cornered Hat, conducted by Carlos Chavez. I conducted the entire solo: he didn’t allow me to take my tempo, but conducting in a rather fast three. I don’t think he liked me very much. Oh well.

If you want to see more of the program you can go here. It’s actually from a Carlos Chavez site.

Oh … and look at some of those names on the roster, including Loraine [sic] Hunt! Seeing all the works and the names brings back memories, albeit rather vague. It was so very long ago ….

Katherine Needleman and Philippe Tondre Appointed to Lead the Oboe Faculty

Celebrated oboists will jointly lead the department beginning in the 2022–23 school year

Read more here.

I was so sorry to read of Radu Lupu’s death. He had withdrawn from performing in 2019, and I read now that he had some serious health issues, but what a loss to the music world.

He played with San Jose Symphony a few times (the first while I was there was when I joined the orchestra in the 1975-76 season, and he played Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1). SUCH a fine, fine musician. Not showy. He just oozed music. He also played with Midsummer Mozart at least once.

Bach: Christ lag in Todes Banden

(If you’d like the translation go here.)

Kristine Bjånes, sopran
Ragnhild Wivestad Jansson, sopran
Silje Strand Blichfeldt, alt
Ola Kristoffer Øye, tenor
Andreas Wivestad Jansson, tenor/bass
Christian Holter, bass

Hilary Foster, fiolin
Julia Dibley, fiolin
Hans Gunnar Hagen, bratsj
Bodil Erdal, cello
Sigurd M. Øgaard, orgel

Knut Christian Jansson, dirigent/lyd og bilde