06. February 2005 · Comments Off on Opening Night, Over & Out · Categories: imported, Ramble

Carmen opened last night, and it went well. Unfortunately I suffered a bit; my oboe was misbehaving at times. I can’t quite figure out what’s wrong. Sometimes it feels as if it’s sealing and then it suddenly changes. The low notes are there, and then they aren’t. (And no, it’s not the reed!) After church today I do plan on looking at it closely (it’s dark in the pit so it can be difficult to work on the oboe there). Of course I have to be extremely cautious; a misbehaving oboe is better than a non-working oboe! So I’ll pull out Carl Sawicki’s book. I’ll carefully record how the screws are set right now, and then I’ll slooowwwllly see if I can fix anything. It could even be that the old crack (which is pinned) is somehow acting up. Sigh.

I’m very tired of worrying about the oboe when I should be focussing on the music!

Our matinee is at 3:00 today. Needless to say, I may just have to deal with an ornery oboe.

… anyone want to send me a fabulous new instrument? …? …? …?

Oh well. Didn’t think so!

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