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I received the latest issue of Paste Magazine. It’s a magazine that features “pop” music (Hmmm. They’d probably disagree; I think they think of it as something other than that. Maybe I should just call it “non-classical” music — I don’t know!). Anyway, they have always included a CD of things they like and recommend, and now they are also including a DVD as well. On the DVD are movie trailers and music videos, among other things.

I’ve decided I don’t “get” music videos.

If the song is a story of sorts, I want my own images to appear, not someone else’s. So I’m watching this DVD and these creative sorts of images are appearing. Sometimes it seems that whoever is doing it is trying to be clever. Sometimes extremely creative. But it all says to me “Look how artistic we are!” or some such thing.

If the song isn’t a story, but is about ideas, I just want to listen.

I don’t mind the videos where you just see the performers. Those are okay by me.

I know I’m in the minority about music videos. But there you go.

I just like the music to be able to stand on its own. I don’t need images. I don’t need anything additional. I certainly don’t need distractions.

But here’s the thing; the classical world is trying to figure out how to appeal to the younger set, and one thing that has been attempted is adding images.

I think we’ve all forgotten how to “simply” (not implying its easy, mind you) listen.

Real listening isn’t easy. It takes time. It takes effort. I tend to lose concentration. my mind strays.

But listening can be a very good thing.

At least I think so.

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